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Our T&Cs

Terms and Conditions for The Fenton Tiara Rental

      • Fenton lends to the Renter, who rents the tiara subject to the T&Cs applicable at the time of rental. They will be bound by these T&Cs whether they are the renter or not. 
      • All tiara rentals are subject to availability. 
      • Fenton’s general policy is to limit rental period to a maximum of 4 days at a time. 
Cancellation of Rental Order:
      • Rentals may be cancelled up to 48hrs before the requested start date. A refund will be made to the card used to pay the rental fee / security deposit. 
Delivery and Return:
      • All tiara rentals are to be picked up from the Fenton Showroom at 53 Duke Street, and subsequently returned to the same address. The individual who picks up and returns the tiara will be requested to provide a copy of their ID ahead of collection and will sign a collection and returns form. 

Care and use of Tiara:

  • The Renter agrees to handle the tiara with utmost care and diligence throughout the loan period. 
  • The Renter shall not expose the tiara to conditions that may cause damage, including but not limited to water, extreme temperatures, or impact.
        • The tiara is to be kept in the box provided by Fenton when not being worn, which in turn is to be kept in a safe or a lockbox throughout this duration. 
        • If the Renter is not the Wearer, the Renter will ensure these T&Cs are upheld by the Wearer otherwise they will be liable. 
    Rental Rates and Charges:
        • The Renter agrees to pay Fenton the rental rates plus any other charges or fees as agreed upon by both parties and set out by Fenton in the Loan Agreement. 
        • Rates, charges and fees will be calculated for the duration of the rental period. 
        • Payments are due on demand and via a personalised Fenton Invoice provided to the Renter via email. The tiara will not be released to the Renter until the full contractual payment has been made. 
        • Payment will be accepted once the Loan Agreement contract has been signed and stored by both parties. 

    Prohibited Actions:

  • The Renter shall refrain from making any modifications or alterations to the tiara without prior written consent from the Lender.
  • The Renter shall not remove any gemstones from the tiara or attempt to replace them with other materials.

        • The tiara is subject to quality assessment and images prior to being taken by the Renter, and again on its return. 

    Return of Tiara:

  • The Renter agrees to return the tiara to the Lender in the same condition as it was received, normal wear and tear excepted, by the end date specified in this agreement.
  • If the Renter wishes to extend the loan period, they must seek approval from the Lender in advance and may be subject to additional rental fees.
  • Damage or Loss:
  • The Renter assumes full responsibility for any damage or loss to the tiara that occurs during the loan period, including damage caused by negligence or misuse.
  • In the event of damage or total loss, the Renter agrees to notify the Lender immediately and to cooperate fully in the assessment and resolution of the issue

  • Insurance: 

  • The Renter is required to obtain insurance coverage for the tiara during the loan period to protect against unforeseen circumstances such as theft, loss, or accidental damage. This is to be done via TH March. 
  • The Lender shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to the tiara that occurs during the loan period, regardless of the cause.

        • The Renter will assume sole risk of the tiara from the time of collection to the time of return, in accordance with this agreement. 
    Legal Jurisdiction:

  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. 
  • Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in the United Kingdom, with each party responsible for their own legal costs.
  • Termination, Cancellation, Extension of Rental, Purchase:
  • The Lender reserves the right to terminate this agreement and demand immediate return of the tiara if the Renter breaches any of the terms and conditions outlined herein.
  • Upon termination, the Renter agrees to return the tiara to the Lender within 24hrs and to forfeit any rental fees or security deposits paid.