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Our mission

We are proud to do things differently. Our mission as a fine jewellery brand is at the core of everything we do at Fenton. Discover more about why we exist...

Jewellery formed in nature. Created to celebrate love. For a moment in time, for another person, or for yourself.

Fenton is a brand that celebrates love in all forms. We design and craft jewellery, to celebrate commitment, change, challenge and many other milestone moments in our customers lives. We launched Fenton in 2019 with a belief that we could bring a fresh approach to the jewellery industry based on the principles of combining a beautiful, heirloom quality product with transparent and responsible sourcing for a price you won’t find anywhere else.

We remain committed to these principles, as well as the desire to bring greater diversity to an industry that has traditionally portrayed a homogeneous view of what relationships and love look like. The bridal and fine jewellery industries have perpetuated a number of self-serving myths that harm and hinder consumers instead of empowering them. We don’t stand for this. Your happiness is the main event, not an afterthought. As we’ve grown, we still endeavour to make sure that each and every one of our customers has a wonderful, personal experience with Fenton and that we are there every step of the way to support them as they celebrate their milestone moments with us, large and small.

With Love,
Team Fenton xx

Our 10 responsible sourcing pillars

In every country we source from we ensure that:

1. We source from companies that are world leaders in ethical mining operations

2. We do not source from conflict zones where gemstone mining may further corruption or violence.

3. The countries or companies we source from actively support local benefication and protection of the local habitat and environment.

4. Child labour is forbidden within the mining industry.

5. There are safe and fair working conditions.

In every workshop we work with, we look for the follow traits:

6. Safe working conditions.

7. All workers over 18 years old.

8. All workers paid fairly, above prevailing local wage.

9. Women and men are paid the same for the same work.

10. Workers are given fair and equal chances for promotion and advancement.

We Believe in Karma

A gemstone roughly doubles in price every time it changes hands. By sourcing directly, we cut out the middlemen to bring you the top 10% of gemstones for the best value.

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