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Collage of images including yellow sapphire, emerald and garnet rings from Fenton.


Our Dream Rings with The Fenton Team

The Fenton team love being surrounded by sparkling engagement rings and gemstones, in every hue, all day!

After some hard consideration, the team has chosen their dream rings - see what they’ve chosen below...


Charlotte, Marketing

Ring: Blue Sapphire Oval Trilogy

A firm favourite for me is the oval cut Blue Sapphire Trilogy in yellow gold. It's so timeless and classic, yet still different. It really pops when you see it on a hand, I could stare at it all day!



Lily, Concierge

Ring: Emerald Emerald Signet

My favourite has to be the emerald cut Emerald Signet in yellow gold. I love it because it’s chunky and makes my fingers look slender. It’s a modern take on timeless classic and also super comfortable and easy to wear for all occasions.



Molly, Web Development

Ring: Yellow Sapphire Round Garland

I would choose a round cut Yellow Sapphire Garland in platinum. I love it because it’s unique looking with three gemstones, without being too overpowering and could easily fit in with the 100 other rings I try to pile onto my fingers! I also love the Yellow Sapphire and platinum combo in general, so any style with this is perfect for me!

Jerome, Operations

Ring: Aquamarine Emerald / Oval Solitaire

I love the bigger Aquamarine Solitaire in either an emerald or an oval cut, it packs a punch, looks amazing as a statement piece yet very wearable. Love the blue of the aquamarine and how versatile they are.



Keyur, Manufacturing

Ring: Aquamarine Emerald East West / Vintage

I like the Aqua Vintage and Aqua East West in an emerald cut. The light blue Aqua gives a classy elegant look when surrounded by diamonds and these styles make it look very striking as an engagement ring or as a gift.



Laura, Founder

Ring: Emerald Emerald Halo

I love emeralds, ours look like they’re glowing. I would go for the Halo with a classic emerald cut Emerald and a yellow gold band as a statement piece to wear on special occasions. If I were allowed a second choice then it would be a cushion cut Emerald in the Bezel design for a clean elegant look that protects the emerald so I can wear it every day.

Susannah, Concierge

Ring: Garnet Emerald Bezel

The emerald cut Garnet Bezel in yellow gold. Garnets are so under-rated, they have a gorgeous deep red colour and amazing clarity, whilst the yellow gold Bezel setting is a really fun design and very easy to wear on a everyday basis!



Gaby, Brand and Creative

Ring: Garnet Cushion Solitaire

It always changes for me but right now I’m obsessed with the Garnet. I would go for Solitaire Cushion Garnet in platinum. I recently saw that you should keep a Garnet with you to keep yourself grounded and that’s always good for me! I also love that the Garnet is underrated and has an amazing depth of colour with a slight earthiness. I think it looks really elegant and beautiful on.



Lucy, Brand and Creative

Ring: Aquamarine Emerald Trilogy

When I think about creating an heirloom, the Aquamarine Trilogy would be the one I'd hope got spotted on my Pinterest board and bought for me! I love the symbolism of the aquamarine - the ultimate talisman.



Callum, Web Development

Ring: Ruby Oval Signet

For me, it would have to be the Signet in 18k yellow gold with an oval cut Ruby nestled firmly in the middle. It's got that grandiose, heirloom vibe going for it. Like the kind of ring that's left to you after a mysterious great uncle dies.



Kathrin, Manufacturing

Ring: Ruby Emerald East-West

My favorite is the Grand emerald cut Ruby East-West ring. It’s a bit edgier than the more predictable North-South version for a non-conformist statement maker. Worn on the middle finger as the ultimate signal of Love with a capital L!



Katie, Marketing

Ring: Blue Sapphire Round Halo

I like to make a bit of a statement so love the Round Halo setting in yellow gold. As my birthday is in September Blue Sapphires have always been special to me - so this ring is the perfect choice.

Jade, Operations

Ring: Garnet Oval Vintage

I love the garnet as they have a deep red colour which is quite glamorous especially in the Vintage style. I think it's classy, elegant and easy to wear!



Mandeep, Concierge

Ring: Pink Sapphire Emerald Halo

My favourite ring is the emerald cut bigger Pink Sapphire Halo in platinum - I think it's such an elegant yet statement piece. It gives me princess vibes and matches my personality very well.



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