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Aquas are forever: Why you should choose an Aquamarine ring

Versatility, value and more. Discover why you should fall in love with a sparkling Aquamarine.

An Aquamarine is Forever - The Times, Feb 2021

The History of Engagement Rings

We’ve all heard the iconic phrase ‘a diamond is forever’ coined by copywriter Mary Frances Gerety in 1948 and used by the De Beers group ever since.

Gerety coined a powerful and catchy phrase that made the diamond ubiquitous with any traditional engagement and that’s where we differ - at Fenton we agree that a diamond can be forever, we just don’t see why other gemstones can’t be forever as well!

Engagement rings have existed long before 1948 and coloured gemstones have always been at the forefront of choice. Many of the oldest engagement rings known to man contain beautiful blue sapphires nestled in a hand-crafted ancient Roman setting and powerful female emerald lovers range from the iconic Elizabeth Taylor all the way back to the possibly even more iconic Cleopatra.

At Fenton we have a special soft spot for the Aquamarine as one of our favourite forever gemstones of choice. Recently the Aquamarine has come to great prominence on the hand of Meghan Markle who is sporting Princess Diana’s emerald cut solitaire cocktail ring.

Here are the top three reasons we think you should choose an Aquamarine as your now and forever gemstone:

Aquamarine is versatile

Aquamarines, as the name suggests are a soft pale blue and we are proud of our ability to source a blue that is dainty yet still saturated and stand out. They are a neutral pair for any other jewellery or outfit combination and can be dressed up or down with ease for perfect day to night styling. They look great on all skin tones and across the seasons, this is truly the go-everywhere gemstone and we love that versatility and ease.

How expensive is an Aquamarine?

Despite their evident beauty, aquamarines are more reasonably priced than many other options out there and as such they make a great choice for anyone looking for a statement piece. We see a number of women choosing aquamarines to mark a special birthday, occasion or anniversary as well as for engagement and choosing to go for larger cocktail sizes. Just to give an example - a size ‘Bigger’ emerald cut Aquamarine with a surface area of 8x10mm on our website costs £3,500 inc setting on our site whereas the equivalent size in a diamond costs north of a massive £150,000!!! We don’t know about you but we would take the Aqua any day! 

Gemology 101 - How hard is an Aquamarine?

Aquamarines have some amazing gemmological traits that make them a great bragging choice for gem lovers, but that all of us can appreciate!
Their highest qualities tend to have no visible inclusions to the naked eye so you can enjoy perfect clarity which is an incredible natural miracle! This clarity when coupled with the soft ‘aqua’ blue is what gives these gemstones an evocative watery sensation.

They are a member of the illustrious beryl family which includes, famously, Emeralds and the lesser known collectors item, the Morganite. Aquamarines and Emeralds can be found in the same areas of the world, we source ours responsibly from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Zambia.

Finally, aquamarines measure up at a solid 7.5 on the MoH scale of hardness, meaning that, whilst they’re not as robust as a sapphire or diamond, they’re still safe and suitable for everyday wear and enjoyment.

Unique Aquamarine Engagement Rings

We’ve got a few of our favourite aquamarine setting and cut combinations here but of course one of the main points about Fenton is that you’re in the creative driving seat and can create a modern heirloom that feels truly personal and unique to you.

  1. The emerald cut Aquamarine platinum Solitaire in Grand - give the royals a run for their money with this step-cut stunner. The simplicity of the solitaire is the perfect to let your aquamarine do the talking.
  2. The round cut Aquamarine yellow gold Trilogy in Original - this is one of the sweetest designs we’ve made to date. We love the delicacy of the setting and how the unusual choice of 18K yellow gold compliments and warms your Aquamarine. It looks great stacked with a chevron band on either side - you can mix and match your gemstones to create a truly unique stack.
  3. The oval cut Aquamarine platinum Halo in Bigger - as a cocktail alternative to the Grand Solitaire, this ring packs a punch. Your Aquamarine is set in two sparkling halos of GH VS accent diamonds that make the whole ring light up in a dark room.

  4. The cushion cut Aquamarine rose gold Garland - this is the perfect ring to treat yourself with. At £1,250 it’s a great way to take a first dive into the world of Aquamarine ownership. We love pairing our aquas with all metals and this combo feels like a great way to carry a warm piece of sea and rosé inspired summer holidays on your hand all year round.
  5. The oval cut Aquamarine platinum Star in original with a pave band - this is a wow choice for an engagement ring that gives maximum sparkle. This setting will set off the delicate blue of your Aquamarine to perfection proving that sometimes, more is more!
  6. The emerald cut Aquamarine Platinum Deco - Our timeless Deco ring brings the luxurious exuberance of the 1920s Art Deco movement to the 21st century with a Fenton twist. The Deco style is a favourite for its signature geometric and angular silhouette and bold colourful gemstones.

Whichever setting you choose, we are here to help you create your dream Aquamarine ring to sail into forever with! With love, Team Fenton xx

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