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Creating a bespoke Emerald Star Engagement Ring | Joshua & Tishina

Fenton Love Stories

Creating a bespoke Emerald Star Engagement Ring | Joshua & Tishina

Meet the latest couple in our newest series of Fenton Love Stories: Joshua & Tishina. From working with our bespoke team to create a stunning Emerald Star Bespoke engagement ring, to the most magical proposal in Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls. 

7 minute read | Words by Angeli 

From a chance encounter at university to a majestic proposal at Kaieteur Falls, Guyana 6 years later… Joshua proposed to Tishina overlooking the largest single drop waterfall in the world. 

Joshua worked with our bespoke team to create an engagement ring that features an 10x8 mm oval cut Emerald sourced from Zambia. The Star ring is designed with a halo of 16 round cut diamonds with a tapered band crafted from recycled 18k yellow gold. Their Emerald was sourced from Zambia, loved for its unique rich green colour and clarity.

Woman wearing bespoke oval cut 10x8mm Emerald Star engagement ring from fine gemstone jeweller Fenton

How did you both meet?

“We met during our time in Buckingham University. As I was arriving in October of 2015, Tishina was leaving in December of 2015 as it was a 2 year course. Originally, I had seen her walking around the university and I thought she was…” - Joshua

Say the word - Beautiful! Haha!” - Tishina

“Haha yes! Just something special. I had never seen anything like her before. And I thought she was absolutely beautiful.”

“And we ended up bumping into each other during our annual law ball. One of my friends suggested that I should take a picture in my black tie outfit and this girl walked in front of the photo and messed it all up. They suggested for her to get in the photograph too and it ended up being Tishina. So we actually have a photograph of us together before we even got to know each other’s names.” 

“Before any sort of introduction at all - and that’s how we met”

We absolutely love a chance encounter! And how did you start dating?

“Well, it was pretty steady going from that point really! We were inseparable at university.”

“Yes. We started studying together and spent all of our extra time together.”

“And I even stayed on for my Master’s degree so that I can stick by him haha!”

How romantic! And how did you know that they were ‘The One’?

“It was pretty much as soon as he won over my mum. She’s a very difficult woman to win over. So, as soon as he got over that hurdle, that was it! 

“Tishina’s from Guyana in South America. So when I was first introduced to her family, they were slightly apprehensive. But when I made the trip over to Guyana, I think I was able to convince her parents that I was alright!”

“I have never met anyone like Tishina in my life. And when I met her family in Guyana, the more I got to know more about everything that she is from her community, I was pretty sure she was the one from that point.”

A trip of a lifetime, which really shaped your relationship! Now for the big moment - can you tell us a bit more about the proposal?

 “Well I hope the video says it all! I planned the proposal around the same time I started looking at the ring and I had already asked for her father’s blessing. I initially wanted to propose during Christmas day as my father proposed to my mother during Christmas, so I wanted to follow the tradition. However, when I told my mother about the idea, she thought it would. be special for Tishina to have her own day!”

“My parents were also paying a visit to Guyana in January by chance and with Covid-19 and the lockdowns coming to an end, things were marrying up to the perfect circumstance where I knew I had to do something. So I had to change my plans last minute and I just thought of Kaieteur falls - the largest single-drop waterfall in the world. I also found an incredible musician (Akeem Adams) on social media and it all came perfectly together ”

It looks incredible!

“It was really incredible…”

“And for both mothers to have been reduced to tears - that was a sign I was doing something right!”

How long were you together before the proposal?

“We’ve been together for 6 years…”

“Yes - she said time was getting on haha!’

Now… How did you choose the ring?

Woman wearing bespoke oval cut Emerald Star engagement ring from fine gemstone jeweller Fenton

“Well, I knew that I didn’t want just a diamond ring. I really wanted a coloured gemstone engagement ring!

“She was dropping the textbook hints with photographs and I was asking around for advice from her friends. I eventually decided on an Emerald ring as she’s from Guyana. And as the country with a high density of rainforests and greenery, I thought an Emerald best represented that. My grandmothers from both sides also had Emeralds as engagement rings and I wanted to incorporate elements from both of those into this ring. The pointed details on the star design is also a key symbol in Hinduism, which reflects Tishina’s culture.”

“Having used to live next to Hatton Garden, we used to walk through there everyday and thought the rings were really dull. So I knew I had to get a gemstone as it was special for all of those reasons. And after looking around, it was pretty obvious that Fenton was the only place to come if you wanted a responsibly sourced, beautiful gemstone ring.” 

CAD render of bespoke Emerald oval cut Star engagement ring with 10x8mm Emerald, halo of round cut diamonds and 18k recycled yellow gold from Fenton


“So, I spent a lot of time going back and forth with the Fenton team to create the perfect bespoke piece and as soon as they sent the final designs, I thought it was absolutely perfect!” 

“Yes and everyone who sees the ring loves it! You can’t NOT notice it on my hand.”

Great reasons! And you can proudly tell people that your ring is responsibly sourced.

Oval Cut 10x8mm responsibly sourced loose Emerald stone from Fenton

“Exactly! When people ask where the diamond and gemstone is from, I get to say it’s responsibly sourced! So no questions there!”

What did you love most about the process of creating the ring with Fenton?

“From the outset, I really enjoyed how engaging it was. When I first came in, I sat with one of the concierge team members and we went through a number of different rings and sizes. I chose to go with the bespoke route to create something unique to us

As someone who’s never really seen an engagement ring or thought about buying one, it was like a handheld tour of what you want in the ring and how you want it to be. I spent hours online looking at guides, I think there’s some C’s involved for diamonds - I had no idea! But I felt really comfortable and I was sure it was going to be the perfect ring. The bespoke ring experience has been absolutely excellent!” 

“And the bespoke design makes the ring quite special.”

“They were also incredibly discreet! She had no idea, which was the best part of it all. The Fenton team would also fit their schedule around me and were always able to find slots to speak with me while I snuck away as coming to your showroom is not always an easy option.

“Good job haha!”

We loved creating the special piece for you! Now, for the big day… could we get any insight into your wedding plans?

“It’s going to be in April 2023! We’re getting a villa for the week where we’ll have family on both sides where they can get to know each other better. Our wedding will be in Tuscany in Volterra, which is a beautiful mountainside town. We’ll make a holiday of it”

“When we start inviting people, we can’t wait to shout about Fenton and share how brilliant the experience has been! We’ve been quiet about it for so long and it was hard keeping it from my mum. But when I finally told her, she’s even started looking at Fenton and she absolutely loves the company. I think she’s definitely going to have to buy herself a ring.”

“And maybe I’ll get some matching earrings for me haha!”

You’ll have to send us pictures!

“We will! There’s just so much to do! Who knew wedding planning would be this difficult. When I bought the ring, I thought that’s it, done! But now the wedding… I forgot about that part!”

The Fenton team are so delighted for Joshua and Tishina, and to have been a part of their love story! 

If you’re planning your own wedding or proposal we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our concierge team for guidance and support in creating your perfect piece.

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