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Why is Christmas the most popular time to propose?


Why is Christmas the most popular time to propose?

Discover why the festive season is the perfect time to propose!

As the most magical time of the year approaches us, we’re also coming into what’s known as ‘proposal season’.

While you may think most proposals occur during more obvious occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays or key milestone moments, many actually choose to pop the question on Christmas Day! In fact, the whole festive month of December and into the New Year sees a higher number of proposals compared to other months. According to Statista, in 2020, 19% of all proposals happened in the month of December.

Read on to discover why so many people choose to get engaged during the festive season - and why it could be the perfect choice for you too!

And if you're dreaming of getting engaged this season, we've put together some of our favourite proposal ideas to help you pop the question - and of course the perfect rings for the occasion. 


Why Is Christmas The Perfect Time To Get Engaged?

A Family affair

When it comes to engagements, being able to celebrate with loved ones is important for most couples. And when better to pop the question than when your nearest and dearest are all in one space? For this reason alone, it’s no wonder why Christmas time makes for an even more special occasion to propose. 

Family members may be travelling from far and wide to come together for Christmas, which also gives more reason to take advantage of the opportunity. It also makes for a less suspecting proposal since all friends and family members are supposed to be gathered together to celebrate the festive season anyways. 

Holiday season

For most working couples, Christmas is the season where many usually take more time off work. This makes Christmas the perfect moment to revel in the exciting news during the holiday season and enjoy some quality time with each other. 

This allows for a couple of days to celebrate before returning back to each other’s normal lives. And when better to spend your days as a newly engaged couple than during the romantic winter season? Perhaps entering the new year as an engaged couple can also mark as happy new beginnings!


Festive spirit

The Christmas season brings about a gorgeous Winter Wonderland with sparkling lights, snowy pavements, Christmas decorations and cosy fireplaces. And the festive spirit surely brings about an infectious romance in the air. No wonder many choose to pop the question during this season! Couples are also more likely to feel closer during colder seasons, which is synonymous with cosying up and spending more quality time together.  


Celebrating traditions

Christmas is about meaningful traditions for family members, from stockings to mulled wine, to decorating the tree. And for many, a special gift under the tree is what many are dreaming of and what better gift to surprise them with than a gorgeous engagement ring! 

With Christmas being such a sentimental time, proposing is just the perfect way to tie it all together. Therefore, creating a romantic memory during a time with already meaningful traditions makes December an even more magical time to look back on and celebrate a milestone each year. 


Festive Winter Proposal Ideas

So now you know the benefits of a festive proposal, and you think it’s the perfect time for you… how exactly should you propose? Read on to discover our top three festive proposal ideas!


A Christmas gift

The most obvious but timeless proposal idea is to hide the ring as a wrapped gift under the Christmas tree or to put it in their stocking! While it’s simple, it can be pretty unsuspecting since your partner may be expecting a gift anyway. You can also wrap the gift in a way that can throw them off-guard, such as a big box, in a medium box, in a small box!

Find some alone time

While it’s wonderful to celebrate a proposal with your loved ones straight away, sharing the actual moment privately away from your family can be more meaningful. Finding some alone time as a couple allows you to savour the moment together privately. Christmas time will surely be filled with many activities, so proposing together alone allows you to get away from the chaos even if it’s just for a moment. 

Some perfect ways you can propose privately include during a winter walk in the snow or under the Christmas lights. 

Live Christmas music

Does your partner have a soft spot for Christmas songs? How romantic would it be to be serenaded with live Christmas music before they pop the question? You could hire some carol singers or a live band to play your favourite songs. Then, you can end with the big finale on one knee with the ring box in hand and ask, “Will you marry me?”. 

And what’s more, is that live music would be the perfect way to celebrate the moment right after too! Bring your family into the fun where you can dance and sing all night long. 


Fenton’s Favourite Christmas Engagement Rings

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your perfect Christmas proposal, it’s time to discover the perfect engagement ring!

The Star

Make a majestic statement with The Star ring from Fenton. Inspired by the celestial beauty of the night sky, this classic design features an impactful colourful centre gemstone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. And as ‘The Star’ is a symbol of the festive season, this is the perfect choice as a daily reminder of a magical winter proposal.

The Trilogy

Proof that three isn't always a crowd, our trilogy ring unites a coloured centre stone with two sparkling surrounding diamonds! Customise yours with one of seven gemstones, including  Blue Sapphire, Emerald and Aquamarine!

Said to represent past, present and future, The Trilogy is the perfect choice for an engagement ring.


The Vintage

If you’re seeking a ring with a classic aesthetic, The Vintage could be the one for you! Evolved from regal designs, this ring boasts delicate metal work underneath it, inspired by 18th century antique engagement rings. Favourites for this style include the oval cut Blue Sapphire and the emerald cut Emerald!

The Solitaire

Timelessness with a twist, our Solitaire brings a pop of colour to your life. Choose from one of seven centre stones such as Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Aquamarine, hand cut in an emerald, oval, round or cushion shape. Create your own unique take on the classic. This ring makes a beautiful choice as a Solitaire engagement ring,

Time to plan your proposal!
So now you know why the festive season is the perfect time to propose, all that’s left to do is start planning!

What does your dream winter proposal look like?

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