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Style Focus: The Trilogy


Style Focus: The Trilogy

Introducing the bestselling three stone ring from Fenton.

The Trilogy Ring 

The Trilogy ring is iconic for its symbolism, elegant design and versatility. Famed by the beautiful engagement ring Prince Harry gave to Meghan, ‘The Trilogy Ring’ has become one of Fenton’s most popular styles as both an engagement ring or to mark life's milestones.

From books to movie trilogies (no, not the famous ring in the latter!), Trilogy literally means ‘group of three’ and is known in the jewellery world as a style with 3 gemstones, either all equal in size or with a larger centre stone. 

At Fenton, our Trilogy ring design combines your choice of colourful gemstone with two perfectly matched diamonds either side. 

Alternatively, you can opt for our Solar Diamond Trilogy, which unites a sparkling Solar Diamond center stone with two surrounding coloured gemstones of your choice. 

By choosing a gemstone with a special meaning such as an Emerald for faithfulness, or your partner's birthstone, you can create a truly personal ring. And as no two gemstones are the same, your ring will be like no other in the world.

The Trilogy ring's symbolism doesn’t end there, as the 3 stone ring design also has deep rooted meanings through history that make it the perfect gift to tell your story.

Past, Present and Future.

This is the most well known meaning for a Trilogy Ring, where each stone represents the different chapters of your love story. The first stone on the left is your past and represents all of your memories together. The centre stone is the present and your proposal. As the largest stone it represents what is most important, the here and now and this very moment together. The third stone on the right is the future, and stands for all your hopes for the adventures ahead of you both. Full of thoughtfulness and love, this style makes for a dream Trilogy engagement ring.

Friendship, Love and Devotion

This meaning is all about your most important relationships. Whether that be your friends who have been like family, the love of your life, or the love that stems from faith, the three stones travel with you each day as a reminder of what's important to you. This is a perfect style to give for an anniversary or in a mature relationship, as it is said the centre stone stands for commitment, and the supporting stones, trust and respect.




Looking for the perfect way to mark the birth of a baby? This meaning is for you. The three stones could represent your partner, yourself and your child, or could be for your partner and two children.  We can even design a bespoke ring with all 3 stones the same size, representing three children. The ring will stand for your family carried beside each other for eternity.


Love, Honor, and Cherish

You may have heard your friends utter these words in their vows, as most Christian weddings will incorporate these promises into the ceremony. The Trilogy ring can act as a physical embodiment of this promise to commit to each other (“for better or worse, in sickness and in health”), honor each other (their past, future and everything they stand for) and to care for each other, cherishing the life you build together. For this reason the trilogy is often stacked with a wedding band. Our Trilogy rings can be made ‘wedfit’ on request, to sit just right next to your chosen wedding band.

Famous Trilogy Rings

With all of these reasons to wear a Trilogy ring, it's no surprise there are some very famous examples of this glittering design. 


An example we love is Elizabeth Hurley’s Blue Sapphire Trilogy ring, flanked with two diamonds set in platinum. Elizabeth's husband Shane Warnes chose a show stopping Blue Sapphire weighing in at a hefty 9cts, with an estimated $100,000 price tag to match. Looking for your own Blue Sapphire to rival Ms Hurleys? See our emerald cut Blue Sapphire Trilogy in Platinum, available in 5 sizes from original to grand,  starting at £2,850.00.


Next up is the renowned jewellery collection of Elizabeth Taylor. With many jewels gifted from love affairs throughout her lifetime, Elizabeth received more than one stunning engagement ring. But the best known is her prized Ascher-cut Krupp diamond from the love of her life Richard Burton in 1968. Set in platinum with two smaller diamonds either side, the ring was presented whilst on a yacht on the Thames in London. Although the famous pair's relationship was tumultuous, Elizabeth still wore the ring frequently until her death in 2011.


From Hollywood royalty to the royal family, we can’t forget Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s classic Trilogy ring, given to her by Prince Harry in 2017. With both his past and future in mind Harry chose a centre diamond from Botswana where the couple had travelled together, framed with two stones from Princess Diana's collection. "The ring is obviously yellow gold because that's [Meghan's] favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother's jewellery collection, to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together," Harry told the BBC after their engagement. 


For your own personal take on Meghan's ring, choose your favourite centre stone in a cushion cut, set in solid yellow gold.


Create your own Trilogy Ring

As well as the size of the centre stone you can choose the shape, by selecting one of our 4 cuts - Emerald cut, Oval cut, Round cut and Cushion cut. The Diamonds are designed to complement that cut, for example trillion Diamonds create a more streamlined design on an emerald and cushion cut. Every gemstone Trilogy ring features two sparkling diamonds in G to H colour and VS clarity, along with our Solar Diamond Trilogy rings.


So whatever you choose, whatever the celebration, the Trilogy ring can make a timeless and sentimental gift that is truly unique to you. Ready to start creating your own? Create a Trilogy Ring.


Or book your appointment in our beautiful Fenton Showroom at Bond Street, London, to meet our expert Gemmologists and try on your own sparkling Trilogy ring!

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