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Smart Brides: 3 Ways Real Women Got The Most Bang For Their Buck

Smart Brides: 3 Ways Real Women Got The Most Bang For Their Buck

Embarking on the journey of wedding planning can be both thrilling and overwhelming. It’s a tough challenge finding the balance between fulfilling that happily ever after dream with the logistics of budgeting for the big day. 

However, this isn’t deterring brides who are getting creative and coming up with innovative ways to counteract this. We look into the experiences of real women who took a smart and resourceful approach to ensure they got the most out of their wedding day. From ingenious cost-cutting measures to strategic investments, these brides share their insights on how to make your wedding dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

Charlotte sold her wedding dress for fine jewellery

Charlotte, came to Fenton after she sold her custom-made bridal gown from the well-known designer Emma Beaumont to repurpose her money into a bespoke ring. It was always Charlotte’s dream to have a beautiful ring reminiscent of one she saw in an antique store when she was picking out her own engagement ring. 

James, her fiancé, knew she’d have a very particular style in mind and thought best Charlotte chose the ring herself, a common practice amongst contemporary couples. However, when it came to finally purchasing her engagement ring Charlotte opted for something more classic as advised by her mother. However, Charlotte still found herself thinking about the antique ring she loved which then inspired her to trade in something she’d never wear for something she’d wear on her finger every day and still hold the same sentiment of her special day. 

Carrie rented her wedding dress to cut costs

Carrie Symonds, the wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, made headlines when she rented her wedding dress. This decision meant Carrie only spent £45 to “Yes to the dress” for the day rather than spending £2,830 to buy the embellished tulle gown by Greek designer Christos Costarellos.

As an item that most women often use once in their lives to then keep in a box on top of their wardrobe as a memento, it makes sense to rent rather than buy. Plus, as more consumers learn about circular fashion this creates demand for fashion-renting businesses which in turn means more options for those looking to rent their dream dress for a fraction of the price.

Laura decided to re-invest

Our founder, Laura, had a grand celebration planned for her big day. Unfortunately, the date set was during a nationwide lockdown during the pandemic. So, instead, they rescheduled with a small civil wedding of 30 guests, celebrating with an intimate and romantic garden party.

Laura felt the ceremony was filled with joy and celebration that was just as special as it would have been on a larger scale so then chose to redirect the funds towards home improvements—a substantial investment for many couples. This decision not only added a touch of practicality by contributing to their future whilst still fulfilling their wishes to have a beautiful and heartfelt wedding day.

Other ways to bring costs down 

Here are some more ideas on how you can be resourceful on your wedding day. 

Off-peak timing

Often venues offer a lower rate for couples having their wedding during off-peak seasons or weekdays.

DIY decorations

Save on decor expenses by tapping into your creative side and designing your own centrepieces.

Digital invitations

Digital invitations over traditional paper ones are a more eco-friendly option whilst helping keep down costs. 

Public spaces for ceremonies

Public spaces such as parks or beaches, may have lower or no venue fees compared to private locations.

Negotiate vendor packages

Speak directly with event managers to enquire about packages available or if they’re willing to offer a discount for various services bought at once. 

We love this movement of smart brides leading the way to more conscious celebrations and we hope it continues to pick up momentum. 

At Fenton, we are committed to offering not only exquisite designs but also responsible products and sourcing practices as a B Corp business. 

What’s more for our Fenton brides, we've cultivated partnerships with like-minded brands, extending special discounts as our way of celebrating a community dedicated to conscious and beautiful choices. Your journey to a sustainable and stylish wedding begins here. 

Book your appointment today and join us in embracing a better future for you, them, and the next generation.