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Wed-fit Engagement and Wedding Rings: Everything you need to know


Wed-fit Engagement and Wedding Rings: Everything you need to know

To wed-fit or not to wed-fit? This helpful guide will help you decide.

The first question you may have is - ‘what on earth is wed-fit’? Don’t worry, we’re here to bring you fully up to speed by the time you finish this blog! 

What is a ‘Wed-fit’ ring?

Wedfit is the technical term for a ring that is designed such that it can be worn flush with a wedding band hence ‘wed’ and ‘fit’. It’s good to decide upfront whether this is something that matters to you or your other half as if you would like to adapt your ring later it will most likely require a whole new setting in order to switch from wed-fit to non wed-fit or vice versa.



Mind the Gap

When considering whether you would prefer a wed-fit or a non-wed-fit setting, one of the most important things to start with is whether you mind the gap. One of the main aspects of a wed-fit design is that the ring is able to sit flush next to a wedding band, as shown in the image below.

As you will see here, when the same band is paired with the Vintage, which is made as non-wed-fit as a standard, there is a small gap in between the ring and the band. Whilst this does not detract from the beauty of either piece, it does bother some people who have a strong preference for a flush pairing.

Another route for those who mind the gap can be the Chevron band. This has been designed so it fits snugly around the centre stone of a number of engagement rings and provides the flush effect on a non-wed-fit band. Our standard Chevron will generally work well with all Original sized centre stones as well as some of the larger round and cushion cut styles. We can also discuss bespoke bands upon request if you are keen to go down this route and they look great when  you stack two Chevrons with one on either side of the engagement ring.

The Highs and Lows

At this point you may be wondering why anyone would choose to go for a non-wed-fit style? This normally comes down to height and design preferences. In order to create enough space for the band to sit side by side, the head of the engagement ring is elevated to allow for enough clearance. This means that by default, a wed-fit ring will sit higher on the finger than it’s non-wed-fit counterpart. Whether or not you like a higher set ring is largely a matter of personal preference, however it is worth remembering that you can be more likely to knock your engagement ring if it is sitting further off your hand and it can be harder to put gloves on over your ring. Low-mid settings tend to be the more popular choice in the UK, whereas higher settings are more common in the US.

One last thing to be aware of with a wed-fit ring is a design element that is known as ‘cathedral shoulders’. This is when the ring band splits and continues to go around the finger but also rises up to meet the head of the ring setting and exists in order to stop the ring head from looking as if it is floating in a disconnected manner from the band. It is possible to put some unique scrollwork or create a bespoke detail in the space around cathedral shoulders as you can see here so if this is something you’d like to explore then please reach out to our concierge team who can work with you to create a bespoke design.



Our Designs

We have one style that comes as wed-fit as a standard which is our latest ring setting ‘The Star’. It has been designed such that it is still as low as possible whilst still allowing for a wedding band to sit exactly beside it.

All of our other designs come with a low setting as standard, however the Solitaire, the Vintage, the Trilogy, the Floral, the Bezel, the Garland, the Halo and the East West can all be made to accommodate a band of your choice as a bespoke order. 

Depending on the design, some of these will need to sit higher than others or have cut outs in order to create space for the wedding band. We recommend discussing your particular design and preferred band (i.e. a plain band will take up less space than a pave band) in advance so that we can cater for your requirements perfectly. If you would like to proceed with any of these designs in a wed-fit version then please get in touch with the concierge team and they can help you take your bespoke ring forwards. 

The only ring we would not recommend adapting for wed-fit is the Signet ring, however this can still be fun for stacking with a selection of bands!



Be clear 

It’s a good idea to speak to your partner or someone close to them to understand if they have a strong preference as to how their wedding band and engagement will sit together. This way you can avoid having to reset or redesign your ring in the future. 

Don’t worry, with a bit of research and forward planning there is a wide range of options available to make sure you and your partner find the perfect combination of engagement ring and wedding band!

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