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Engaged couple wearing Emerald oval cut Star Platinum engagement ring from Fenton | Matthew & Madison's Fenton Love Story

Fenton Love Stories

From an Emerald Star Engagement ring to Wedding Bands | Matthew & Madison

Introducing the latest couple in our Fenton Love Stories series: Matthew & Madison! Discover their journey from finding the perfect engagement ring to now choosing their perfect wedding bands and sparkling earrings for the big day! 

7 minute read | Words by Angeli 

Matthew & Madison’s love story first began during what was a whirlwind of a time for everyone in the whole world, in early 2020. Born out of online dating and having found an instant connection with each other, the couple are now planning an exciting and romantic winter wedding in 2022. Read on to find out how their journey unfolded…

So, how did you meet?

“We actually met on Tinder. It was the first lockdown and I had just gotten back from an Arabian Gulf deployment. I thought it was about time to find someone special. And we happened to match!” - Matthew

“It was perfect, actually. We had both moved back home because of the lockdown and even though we lived so close to each other back home, we had never met.” - Madison

“And from there, it just blossomed. After spending every weekend together, we decided to just move in together in London!


How did you know they were 'The One'?

“I knew the day or two after we met!”

It was really odd as we were locked down and after we met for the first time, we didn’t really see each other for another month and a half. But we’d call for hours every night.”

“And from then on, it got quite serious after that..”

Wow! Your connection was instant. Now, how did you propose?

“We were just having dinner in the Bluebird, Chelsea, which was a lovely restaurant below where we lived. We were both dressed up for what was a really nice evening. And I disappeared to get a coat upstairs but I was actually setting up lights and all of our pictures on the table with lots of candles - definitely was a massive fire hazard haha!” 

“Yes! When he came back with his coat, we carried on having another drink. And actually, when we went back to our home, I opened the door with all these candles and I ran into the flat trying to blow them out and he said ‘No it’s for the atmosphere!’ haha” 


Couple wearing Emerald oval cut Star engagement ring from Fenton | Matthew & Madison Fenton Love Story


“I’d actually only picked up the ring a couple of days before. And then I thought, I’ve just got to do it!” 

Did you know you wanted to pop the question that week?

“I didn’t know exactly when I’d propose, but I think I knew that I had to do it after the day we had. And she hasn’t looked back since!” 


We love that! And now on the exciting part - the upcoming wedding… 

“Yes! And now we’re getting married this year, which feels a lot more real now. There are 280 days until we get married (and counting).”


“We’re getting married in the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich in December. We had always said that a winter wedding would be better because everyone knows what the weather is going to be like. And it’s actually perfect for me because I’m in the Navy as well. So it will be my first day of Christmas leave. We’ll be able to have the wedding and have our honeymoon before I go back. It’s going to be lovely.”

It’s going to be so great!

“Yes and everything’s planned and sorted. Since I’m still studying at university and I work full time, I just wanted to get it out of the way and focus on university and work. We’re really excited!”

Tell us a bit more about your engagement ring journey!

“Well, it started with Madison showing me engagement rings in general. We’d been together for about a year and she showed me some rings on Instagram. I’m the type of person that when she shows me something, I won’t divert! She said she wanted Princess Diana’s ring, and I googled it. It was the big Blue Sapphire with Diamonds around it and Madison’s favourite colour is green because it was her Grandfather’s favourite colour and they were best friends. I think the green means quite a lot to her. 

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's Blue Sapphire oval cut engagement ring with a halo of diamonds | Matthew & Madison Fenton Love Story

So I looked it up and stumbled across your website and it’s fantastic because you get to customise the ring. Madison’s always said 'I don’t want a gold ring, I want it in platinum or a silver colour'. So, I went for platinum in the end. Eventually, I customised it to the Star oval cut Emerald ring in Platinum, I compared it to the reference pictures and I thought it was the one. I’ve got it right apparently!”

You absolutely did! How do you like your engagement ring, Madison?

“I actually can’t stop looking at it! Everyone that sees it says it’s such a classic ring, whereas I think people my age would go for a thick band or a big diamond, which is not very me. I can’t imagine anyone else with a ring like mine, but they all love it.”

We think it’s great to have a ring that perfectly reflects your personality. So, on to choosing wedding bands! Which ones did you go for?

“We went for the Diamond Chevron band in Platinum for Madison and the Plain Thick Band in 18k Yellow Gold for me. We’ve not actually seen them in person before until coming to see you today. We’re so excited to see them.”

GH VS Diamond Chevron Women's Wedding Band & Plain Thick Men's Wedding Band in 18k recycled gold from Fenton | Matthew & Madison's Fenton Love Story


“I’ve also got myself a pair of Emerald Pearl Drop earrings for my 21st and they’re going to be the earrings I wear for the wedding. I also went for Chunky Huggies in Emerald too! They’re so lovely and delicate and just perfect for everyday wear.”


So many goodies! We’re so excited for you to try them on. What made you choose the Pearl Drop earrings for the wedding?

“I’ve always wanted to wear Pearls for the wedding and because of my wedding dress, I didn’t want a big necklace. Since I’ve got some money from my birthday I thought I could use it for some jewellery for the wedding. And I saw the Pearl Drop Earrings on the Fenton website, which were perfect.”

How stunning! Well, they perfectly match your engagement ring!

“My wedding shoes are green velvet too!”

“We’ve also got a lovely green and white theme with a little bit of gold for the wedding. We’ve got some autumnal colours in there too with pine cones in the flowers.”

You’ll have to send us pictures! How many people are you having at the wedding?

“So, we’ve just got over 30 for the ceremony and then we’re inviting around 40 more guests in the evening. We wanted the ceremony to be really small as we’re getting married in Admiral’s House in the Old Royal Naval College, which has small rooms that only fit up to 40. But it’s perfect for us. A smaller guest list would make it so much easier to be able to speak to everyone versus only being able to speak to a few people at a bigger wedding.”

“She planned it perfectly. I’ll just turn up haha!”

“In fact, our save the dates are made out of seeded paper, so you can actually plant them.”

“And because the wedding venue is navy-themed, our desserts are going to be Chocolate Gateau shaped as Navy Ships with sparklers. They’ll have one at every table made of solid chocolate and filled with sweets and treats - it’s going to be great!”

We absolutely love that idea! We’re so excited for you and we’re sure you’ll have an incredible & memorable wedding!

The Fenton team have absolutely loved being a part of Matthew & Madison’s love story! 

If you’re planning your own proposal, wedding, or celebration don’t hesitate to get in touch with our concierge team via Whatsapp, Call, or Email!  We’re always on hand to offer guidance and support so you can find your perfect piece of jewellery. 

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