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With Love from Laura

The Making of Earth to Heirloom

With fierce documentary filmmaker Alice Aedy and the founder of Fenton, Laura Lambert. Join them in conversation discussing the making of the film Earth to Heirloom, documenting the journey of a Fenton ring.

Making Earth to Heirloom was such a special experience and we’re all really excited to share the finished result with you here.

First Stop: Sri Lanka

Our aim was to show an honest and unedited view of what the journey of a gemstone can look like from start to finish. We chose Sri Lanka as our starting point as it’s one of the main countries we source from and the blue sapphire is such an iconic and special gem. I had already had the chance to visit mines in Sri Lanka but it was such a pleasure to go again with Alice and see the experience afresh through her eyes. She, like I, loved being able to see all aspects of a miner’s life, from his work at the river mines to his home and family as we followed Bhatiya about his day. Many jewellers will never have visited the source of their products and I find this a real shame as there is so much to learn about the ancient tradition of gemstone mining and how it continues to support and build communities around the world.

Next: On to Mumbai, India

Next up we went to Mumbai where Alice met the Fenton India team and visited one of our factory partners - in fact the partner that we produced the first ever batch of Fenton samples with and still work with to this day. It was great to be able to share the positive work they do in promoting worker’s rights, safety, training and female empowerment. There has been a lot more conversation around factory conditions and worker security over the past few years and we hope that debate will continue to shine a positive light on the lives of the people who make our products. As you will see, the factories we work with are all state of the art in terms of both skill and safety and, as a female founded team, we are also keen to champion those that go above and beyond to promote the role of women in the workplace.

Why we choose to work with Alice Aedy

We asked Alice to shoot Earth to Heirloom because she has developed a powerful and independent voice as a champion of social justice and environmental issues. No part of our documentary was staged or doctored for the cameras, our aim was to give an honest and transparent snapshot of what goes into the making of a Fenton ring. (We are happy to answer any questions you may have - as customers we all have the power to ask questions of brands and in doing so, improve the lives and livelihoods of people on the other side of the world.)


Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy watching!


With Love,


Laura xx

Watch Earth to Heirloom

Join Alice and Laura discussing their experience filming Earth the Heirloom.


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