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bridal shoot wearing blue sapphire vintage wedding ring from fine jeweller fenton

Fenton Love Stories

10 years marked by Blue Sapphire rings | Jack & Barbara

In our newest series of Fenton Love Stories, we share Jack & Barbara’s wonderful love story. Discover their journey from engagement rings to wedding bands and Barbara’s newfound love for jewellery.

2 minute read | Words by Angeli

Jack and Barbara’s Fenton Love Story hold really dear to us, as the couple has celebrated their special milestones since the early years of Fenton. From their special engagement, tying the knot to a new addition to their family, read on to discover their beautiful love story.

From knowing they were the one to the proposal…

Jack and Barbara’s love grew from years of friendship after meeting at work, before making it official. After 10 years together filled with memories made around the world, Jack knew he had to ask Barbara the question of a lifetime.

“An engagement is a once-of-a-lifetime moment, and I wanted it to be special. Fenton came along the journey to help me find the perfect engagement ring.” - Jack

The couple would be celebrating Barbara’s 30th birthday during the first lockdown. Jack had planned a special week that would build up to the moment where he was going to pop the question. Starting with a barbecue feast inspired by their travels from around the world, the couple reminisced the experiences they have shared together over the years.

Then came the proposal…

happy couple post engagement with a blue sapphire vintage ring | fine gemstone jeweller fenton

At the time, the couple lived on the historic streets of St. Albans. There lived a memorial plaque on a park bench to honour Jack’s late grandmother, which Barbara visited to meet a friend. Little did Barbara know, it was also a bid to get her out of the house for the big surprise. As Barbara sat by the bench, their friend asked if she could read and act out a script that he’s been working on.

“Strangely enough, I didn’t click at the time that it was the special bench to commemorate Jack’s grandmother. While our friend was taking videos of me reading out the script, in the corner of my eye, I saw Jack walking with the dog and a ring box in his pocket too. At that moment, I thought ‘Oh he’s going to propose now isn’t he’.

I think that screwed up his plan a bit! The plan was to start videotaping another take of me acting out my friend’s script and Jack was supposed to surprise me! Once I saw them, I felt too awkward to keep going haha!

Nonetheless, it was such a huge surprise! He got down on one knee and when he opened the box, I couldn’t believe it was happening!’” - Barbara

The heartwarming sentiment continued…

Wedding photoshoot of smiling bride with groom faced toward bride | Fine jeweller Fenton

Barbara had always shared this special bottle of wine with her late grandfather, which meant a lot to her. So, as her birthday present, Jack managed to find the exact bottle of wine, which is rarely sourced from the vineyards of southern Spain.

This gesture meant so much to Barbara, making the proposal even more special, with memories unique to them. Of course, the couple enjoyed it together to celebrate the big news.


On the ring creation journey with Fenton

Blue Sapphire oval cut Vintage engagement ring from fine jeweller Fenton on top of red velvet and other wedding jewellery

When Jack discovered Fenton, our expert concierge team guided him on the journey to help him find the perfect ring.

“I was really engaged with concierge Lily and Jerome in my personal appointments. I did not know where to start and they were able to show me a range of styles. I also appreciated the responsible practices of the brand, which was an important factor for Barbara.”

“I absolutely love [the ring]! It’s incredible.”

Our expert concierge and gemmologists are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a virtual or in-person appointment at our Mayfair, London showroom.

A match made in heaven

Gemmologist holding bespoke blue sapphire single stone Platinum men's wedding band from Fenton

Jack designed a stylish and unique bespoke Blue Sapphire single stone Platinum band with our bespoke team to match Barbara’s gemstone. On the other hand, Barbara opted for a delicate Diamond Eternity wedding band to complement her show stopping Vintage Blue Sapphire engagement ring.

Are you dreaming of your own bespoke piece? Our team can bring your ideas to life, from custom gemstones to unique styles and cuts. Simply submit a bespoke enquiry form here.

Favourite memory from the wedding

Emotional bride and groom at wedding wearing men's blue sapphire single stone wedding band and blue sapphire vintage ring from fine jeweller Fenton

“My highlight would be seeing our family coming together in great spirits. As our family come from different backgrounds, I loved that everyone was able to have the best time as I don’t think we’ll see everyone in one place in our lifetimes in the same way again.”

“Mine has to be seeing Barbara for the first time and that she liked my suit!”

Advice on the proposal and wedding

Bride and groom celebrate their love in fine jewellery by Fenton

“I wouldn’t change a thing. But my advice would be to make the proposal memorable for both of you and keep it simple. Don’t feel pressured to satisfy other people or do what other people want you to do.”

“I would say, enjoy the process of wedding planning, do what resonates with you and everything else is going to be a bonus.”

The newest addition to the family

The couple has also recently welcomed their son, Rupert Angus, to their wonderful family! And we asked them what it’s like to be new parents.

“It’s been so phenomenal!”

“It’s not like what anyone tells you. People always say your life’s going to change and coming back from the hospital, I thought that my life would be different. But it’s been amazing and he’s incredible - and so tiny!”

On her newfound love for jewellery

Bride wearing Blue Sapphire vintage engagement ring with groom in wedding photoshoot

As someone who didn’t normally wear jewellery, it took a while for Barbara to get used to wearing an engagement ring. This is definitely a common experience we’ve found for most newly engaged couples and is absolutely normal. As for Barbara, she discovered a newfound love for jewellery after falling in love with her engagement ring.

“I gifted myself a Ruby oval Garland ring to celebrate the pregnancy and new beginnings in our new home. My grandmother loved Jack so much, and she wanted to give him her huge Ruby engagement ring.

So while I initially wanted a Yellow Sapphire, I thought the Ruby meant so much more as it reminded me of my grandmother. And I already have my eyes set on a Laurel ring to add to my jewellery collection!”

We too love gemstone jewellery for all the sentiment that it holds. Fine jewellery is to be treasured for a lifetime and more and we absolutely love hearing what they mean to you too.

Ready to start your own Fenton journey? Our expert concierge and in-house gemmologists are here to answer any questions you have! Simply get in touch via Whatsapp, Email or Call or book your personal or virtual appointment here.

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