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Meet the gemstone of the sea.

Our Pearl collection celebrates the beauty of cultured freshwater pearls, set into heirloom fine jewellery and made personal to you with your choice of gemstone.

Each piece is customisable and crafted from recycled 18k gold.

Fenton Pearls

Our pearls are cultured freshwater Pearls. They have a stunning white and cream colour that most of us are familiar with. As products of living organisms, pearls often have small blemishes and imperfections on their surface which are all part of their uniqueness and no two pearls will have the same surface texture.

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Where do Pearls come from?

Pearls are organic gem materials created by living organisms such as molluscs found in oceans, lakes and rivers. Pearl formation can occur when a molluscs’ mantle tissue comes into contact with a foreign particle - the mollusc protects itself by forming many layers of nacre around the invader, resulting in the formation of a majestic pearl! Light reflects, refracts and diffracts off of these many layers, giving pearls their characteristic glow.

How do you care for Pearls?

Cultured pearls are soft and delicate gems, which due to their organic composition require more care than most gemstones. We would always recommend removing your pearl jewellery for showering, swimming, physical sports, and in any such occasion where your pearl may come into contact with chemicals, including soap, lotions and perfume. You can wipe your cultured pearl with a water-dampened cloth to remove dirt. When it comes to storage we always recommend ensuring they’re stored separately to other jewellery, either in a box or soft cloth bag, to avoid possible scratching.