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Every stone has a story

No gemstone is alike which is part of what makes every one of our rings unique. Read more about the history and meaning of each precious gemstone here.

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Precious gemstones are rare and complex and many factors go into the selection of each stone.

All gemstones will have some variations in colour, clarity or inclusions as every piece is one of a kind.

Our gemstones are carefully sourced individually and we always look for a combination of rich depth of colour, high brilliance and excellent cut to bring you a truly unique and exquisite piece.

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Our diamonds are sourced from cutters and polishers who only purchase direct from siteholders for international mines such as DTC, Rio Tinto and Argyll that operate best in class practises.

All diamonds are sourced according to the United Nations Kimberley Process.


Our engagement rings are made using recycled metals made up from existing jewellery.

There is enough gold and platinum in the market to satisfy all our existing consumer needs so recycling provides an environmentally-friendly option for sourcing.

Factory Partners

We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with responsible and progressive factory partners who share our core values.

These values include fair pay, safe conditions and equal treatment for men and women.

All workers are aged 19 or older and there have not been any accidents or incidents in any of the factories we work with in the last five years. 

We have toured all of our factories personally and check in regularly.

Transparent Luxury

Transparent luxury is the belief that you deserve to be informed about what goes into your jewellery, from the factory conditions to the source of your metal and gemstones.

We source stunning conflict-free gemstones from across the world to bring you extraordinary pieces, guilt-free.

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TRANSPARENT in every way

Our mission is to open up our supply chain and include you in the whole journey of your ring, from stone sourcing to factory conditions.

We hope you’ll join us as we shed light on a complex industry and work to bring about even more positive change as we grow.

Gemstone sourcing And Selection
Ratnapura, Sri lanka

We handle our own gemstone sourcing in-house to ensure that we are finding exceptionally high quality pieces that comply with our strict country of origin sourcing policy.

This photograph was taken in Sri Lankan mining town of Ratnapura where our team visited mines and local dealers.

craftsmanship and production
Mumbai and Jaipur, india

We are proud of our network of factory partners, all of whom have exceptional standards in regards to the safety, pay and gender equality of their workers.

We vetted each of our factories in person and work with them closely to supervise production and ensure our ethical standards are met.

Delivery, Alterations and aftercare
london, united kingdom

Our Headquarters are based in London and your ring will be delivered here before being reviewed and shipped to you.

Any alterations and aftercare will also be conducted from central London which includes common requests such as resizing, servicing and repairs.

a global view of gemstones

Sometimes even beautiful gems have an ugly past.  Not every jeweller is so careful, but at Fenton we ensure that our gemstones come from countries where mining is carefully regulated with decent environmental and social standards.  

You can enjoy your Fenton ring without worrying about where it has come from.


Fenton & Co. was founded on a mission - to make the luxury jewellery sector more transparent, accountable and accessible. We were inspired by brands such as Everlane to open up our supply chain and share it with you here. Our brand stands for love between all ages, races and sexual orientations without bias or prejudice.

We are an all female founding team led by Kathrin and Laura. Kathrin is the former Head of Manufacturing at De Beers, and has over 20 years in the luxury jewellery industry including time at Cartier and Tiffany & Co. She is supported by our team of experts in bringing luxury quality and execution to every piece we make.

We are are proud to bring you an ethical, beautiful and honest product that we hope you enjoy.