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Precious stones have a rich tapestry of meaning and symbolism throughout history, adorning crown jewels and iconic rings.

What story would your stone tell?


Symbolises: Successful love

The emerald is iconic and has been associated with powerful women across the ages. It has been desired since Cleopatra, who owned the oldest Emerald mines in the world in upper Egypt, wore them. This is the stone that marked a love so strong a king abdicated his throne. On Wallis Simpsons Emerald ring, Edward had engraved the words “we are ours now”. Want to engrave something that will stand the test of time too? It’s complimentary on every ring.

Country of origin: Brazil / Zambia 


Symbolises: Truth, hope, harmony

From Katherine the Great, to Kate in Titanic's heart of the Ocean, to Kate Middleton's engagement ring, the deep Blue Sapphire is steeped with history. Traditionally, it has been the gemstone favoured by royals and is believed to bring strength and harmony between lovers. Our sapphires have a celestial glow reminiscent of the night sky that dazzles from the inside out. If it’s good enough for the crown jewels, we’ll wear it too.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka / Thailand


Symbolises: Protection, fearlessness

Sparkling like a crystal clear ocean, the Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Used by sailors as a talisman for all that it symbolises, the colour Aquamarine is "alive"-  in the evening, or in candlelight it shines brighter. It’s been a favourite since Medieval times, when newly-weds exchanged Aquamarine rings as an amulet for a happy family life. 

Country of origin: Sri Lanka / Thailand / Zambia / Mozambique

Symbolises: Happiness, good fortune

A popular colour of sapphire, this unique stone ranges from the palest shades through to a vivid sunshine yellow. In the ancient world, it was thought to empower and guide those wearing it to make right and just decisions. This is one of the harder gemstones, so you can happily wear it wherever your decisions lead you!

Country of origin: Sri Lanka / Thailand / Australia

Symbolises: Femininity, love, pure heart

Throughout history a Pink Sapphire is extremely rare. Highly prized it has been a symbol of love since ancient Rome. Hollywood sirens of the 30s and 40s bought their own Pink Sapphire jewels to express their strong personalities and success. Grace Kelly mixed hers with Diamonds. What story would your sapphire tell?

Country of origin: Sri Lanka / Thailand


Symbolises: Passion, wisdom, commitment

Fiery and captivating, the Ruby is considered to be the perfect wedding charm for all that it symbolises. Large Rubies are still rare to find, often matching diamonds in value. One of the hardest gemstones at 9 Moh on the hardness scale, a Ruby has been coveted for centuries. Almost all Rubies will have inclusions, which enhance the stones character and distinguish your Ruby as real.

Country of origin: Mozambique / Thailand


Symbolises: Love, vitality

Derived from the Latin ‘Granatum’, which means Pomegranate, the dark inky red Garnet is the most ancient of talismans. Used in the Bronze Age and ancient Egypt, it represented primordial fire and intense emotion. Warning: This stone may induce serious feelings. 

Country of origin: Canada / Sri Lanka / Thailand / USA