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Choose rich green accent tones to compliment your emerald ring

Emeralds, with their mesmerising green hues, symbolise love, harmony, and new beginnings. What better gemstone to incorporate into your wedding celebration?

Embrace the lush green tones in your styling with complementary shades such as ivory, gold, or silver to create a sophisticated and harmonious ambiance. Incorporate emerald green elements into your table settings, such as table runners, napkins, or charger plates, surrounded by swathes of foliage.

Opt for bridesmaid dresses in deep emerald green shades to create a bold and opulent look. Choose lighter shades closer to mint or sage green, for a fresh and vibrant feel. Create visual interest by combining jewel toned dresses with complementary hues like navy blue, plum, or burgundy for a striking colour palette. Try Silk, chiffon or for a winter wedding, velvet offers a luxurious texture that enhances the emerald colour.

For the ultimate bridal look, adorn yourself with emerald-encrusted earrings, a pendant, or a diamond bracelet. For a subtle touch, let the groom shine with emerald-inspired accessories that match your engagement ring such as a pair of emerald cufflinks or a tie clip.

Impress your guests with signature cocktails that embrace the emerald theme. Consider serving green-coloured drinks such as margaritas, or a custom cocktail named after a famous emerald or their owners. The Cleopatra anyone? Garnish the drinks with lime slices, mint leaves, and edible gold flakes for an extra touch of sparkle.

Personalising your wedding with a few emerald-inspired elements is a reflection of your unique love story. Cheers to a love that is as enduring and captivating as the beauty of emeralds!

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