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Choose sea toned accent hues to compliment your Aquamarine ring

Aquamarines, with their soothing blue shades reminiscent of the ocean, symbolise calm, protection, and eternal love.

Let the tranquil blue tones of aquamarines dictate your wedding color palette. Combine shades of aqua with soft neutrals like sand, ivory, or silver for an elegant effect. Infuse these colours into your invitations, table settings, bridesmaids' dresses, and floral arrangements to evoke a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Choose stationery with aquamarine accents, and consider including watercolour illustrations of seashells or waves that dance across your welcome sign and placecards. Use elegant blue inked calligraphy to tie the theme together.

Adorn yourself in the allure of aquamarines on your big day. A simple drop earring, a bezel pendant, or a classic bracelet, Aquamarines are known to come alive in the evening, truly glistening in candlelight.

Interweave Aquamarines into your wedding as reflection of your unique journey and love story, just like your ring.

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