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Style Focus: Halo Rings


Style Focus: Halo Rings

Introducing the Halo ring.  A timeless design and one of our forever favourites!

Combining mesmerising Diamonds and Gemstones, it’s the perfect choice as an engagement ring, a birthday gift or to mark one of life's special milestones! 

So what is a Halo Engagement Ring?

The Halo setting features a larger center stone, be that an Emerald, Sapphire or Diamond, encircled by a ring of small accent stones. These are typically round cut pave or micro pave diamonds, but can also be prong set or alternative cuts such as baguettes.

The Halo ring design is the perfect choice to add some extra sparkle to your piece, as well as making your center stone appear larger!

The History of the Halo Ring

The origins of the Halo ring style can be dated back to the Georgian period, when rings were typically composed of a center stone, only slightly bigger than those making up the halo. Moving into the Victorian era, coloured center stones gained significant popularity - with Emeralds and Blue Sapphires being favourites. 

Then inspired by the Art Deco movement, this ring style had a surge in popularity in the 1920’s, due to its wonderfully geometric and symmetrical nature. The Halo was updated with more angular cuts such as emerald, asscher and baguettes. In the 1980’s Princess Diana received a sparkling Ceylon Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring - once again cementing them as a key ring style - bolstered further, when Kate Middleton became the proud owner of this famous ring in 2010! 

Introducing the Fenton Halo Rings

At Fenton we offer 5 sparkling Halo Ring designs - each inspired by classic jewellery designs and coupled with expert modern manufacturing techniques! Meet the lineup below…

The Halo Ring

Following its namesake - first up we have the Halo! Taking inspiration from the art deco period, the double halo of brilliant cut diamonds, give this design extra glitz! A favourite choice for a Halo engagement ring. 

The Vintage Ring 

‘The Vintage’ is one of our best selling rings - and it’s easy to see why. Comprising a beautiful center gemstone, offset by two halos of micro pave diamonds, this is the perfect choice if you’re seeking something classic, but with a modern twist! 

The Star Ring

The newest addition to the Fenton family - the star takes its inspiration from the night sky. Each diamond is hand set in a unique three-prong setting, to create a celestial aesthetic. 

The East West Ring

Meet the East West. Rotating the traditional north-south setting ninety degrees, you get a timeless halo ring, with a unique feel - perfect if you’re looking for something unusual, or to stack with bands! 

The Garland Ring

Taking the Trilogy Ring and Halo Ring and combining them to create magic! The garland ring is ultra wearable, with the setting sitting flush to the finger. 

Each of these styles is fully customisable with your choice of seven gemstones, five size, four cuts, and three metals - so you can create something truly unique! 

Benefits of a Halo Ring

People typically choose a Halo Ring, as this setting is the perfect complement to a beautiful center gemstone, enhancing its beauty through the contrast of colours and added sparkle. This setting is designed to hero your gemstone, making it appear larger - an affordable alternative to a larger solitaire gemstone. 



What gemstone cut works best with a Halo setting?

Any gemstone cut can look beautiful in a halo setting. At Fenton, we typically work with round, cushion, oval and emerald cuts, but we can also source more usual shapes such as princess and pear cut for bespoke halo pieces!



Which gemstone is best for a Halo ring?

The beauty of the Halo setting can compliment any of the many wonderful gemstones! Whether you’re dreaming of a Sapphire, Emerald or Aquamarine, the colour of your gemstone is the focal point of this style, only enhanced by a sparkling diamond or gemstone halo! 



Which metal is best for a Halo ring?

We would always recommend looking for a Halo setting crafted from 18k Gold or Platinum. Both of these choices are durable and will withstand daily wear well. If you’re unsure which of these is right for you - check out our expert guide to choosing the perfect metal for your jewellery

How to care for a Halo Ring

A halo ring is a perfect choice for everyday wear. However there are a few things which you can do to care for it, to ensure its stay sparkling and secure. Halo rings are designed to last a lifetime, and often have a high sentimental value, whether an engagement ring, received as a special gift or a treat you’ve bought for yourself. This is why it’s important to ensure that you care for your ring in the best way possible. 

To best care for your ring you should always clean it regularly, service it annually and make sure it is insured at all times. If you choose to create your ring with Fenton, you can join our aftercare membership, which covers your annual service and other services such as tightening and adjustment.

Note: Emeralds do require special treatment, you can find out more about how to care for an Emerald here. 

Now, time to create your dream halo ring!

Ready to come try on the Fenton rings for yourself? Book your appointment now.

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