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Collage of images feature sketches and photographs of The Star ring from Fenton - blue sapphire with a halo of diamonds.


Design Trend: Celestial Inspirations

Discover the majestic design trend which inspired our newest ring design.

Since the 3rd millennium BC we have been captivated by the wonder of the night sky. This obsession with the stars, their meaning and beauty has been a source of inspiration across art and design, and can also be found in some of the most iconic jewellery pieces across history. Just take a look at the stunning Diadem of the Stars, crafted in 1853 for the then Queen Consort of Portugal Maria Pia of Savoy. It is no wonder that the gaze of our design team also shifted upwards when the moment came to conceive our latest and most luxurious design: The Star.

Photograph of the Diadem of the Stars, crafted in 1853 for the then Queen Consort of Portugal Maria Pia of Savoy

But why this timeless fascination with our stars and sky?

The stars are often seen as guiding lights, offering direction and comfort to those who look to them. A perfect example of this is the North Star. As the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation and positioned closely to the north pole, it is a celestial signpost - keeping travelers safe for centuries. It’s said to be able to bring people ‘back to their righteous path’, be that in the physical or metaphorical sense, with its unwavering glow remaining a majestic symbol of hope.

Another treasured symbol is the shooting star. A natural phenomenon, legend tells us that if we make a wish upon seeing one, it will come true! And there’s no forgetting about the wonders of astrology, linking the constellations to our characteristics and life path. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the journeys bestowed upon us by the position of stars, planets and moon at the time of our birth?

GIF of star imagery which inspired the design trend celestial inspirations

Modern Inspiration

The stars are a constant in our lives. No matter where we are, we can look up into the night sky and see the same twinkling it any wonder that they’ve captured our hearts and minds for generations? 2021 embraces that magical feeling, with the majestic stars and moon set to be the latest trend within the jewellery industry.

After a difficult 2020 for all, and with several significant astrological events occurring (see the Age of Aquarius and the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn), the interest in the stars (and their powers) has been re-ignited as we all seek out hope and guidance.


Discover our latest design: The Star

At Fenton, we’re no different. Inspired by the world above us, our in-house design team bought The Star to life several months ago, when the initial sketches were drafted. After playing with different shapes, ratios and setting, we settled on the final design - which we’re sure you’ll agree is pretty special.

Collage of images feature sketches and photographs of The Star ring from Fenton - blue sapphire and aquamarine with a halo of diamonds.

'At Fenton, we are constantly on the lookout to refine our timeless designs to fit our customer's wishes and desires. The Star is the newest and also most luxurious design to join our collection of modern heirlooms. It's a ring that truly makes you feel like royalty as soon as it's placed on your finger and captures the true essence of the night sky in its celestial design and beauty.' Laura, Founder of Fenton

The Star Rings from Fenton - emerald, blue sapphire and aquamarine set in 18kt gold and platinum with a halo of diamonds.

Fully customisable just like our other designs, The Star allows you to create a piece truly unique to you. Featuring a sparkling centre gemstone and surrounded by a starry diamond halo, set within a three-prong setting, this modern heirloom is truly captivating.

As you know, sustainability is at the core of the Fenton brand ethos and The Star is no different. Every gemstone you select is carefully sourced directly from the mines, and your ring is crafted with recycled gold.

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