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How to find your perfect wedding ring width

Discover expert advice on choosing the perfect wedding ring width from our jewellery experts.

Choosing your wedding band can be tricky. Next to a number of different styles - pave or classic, curved or straight, rounded or flat - there are also different wedding band widths you can choose from.

A wedding band is to be worn and treasured for life, which makes choosing the right ring and width even more important when you are picking your forever band.

Curated by our team of in-house jewellery experts and inspired by many conversations in our wedding consultations with customers, here is a quick guide of what to look out for when you are choosing the width of your wedding bands…

Standard Sizes

But first, let’s look at the classic sizes available when it comes to wedding bands and what defines a narrow or a wide band. With different standard hand or finger sizes between men and women, it is easier to look at this separately:

For Female Hands

Woman wearing gemstone and diamond wedding rings from Fenton

The standard female ring size in the UK is a L ½. Based on this, ring size widths traditionally start at 2mm and go up to 4mm for female wedding rings.

A classic wedding band measures 2mm wide. A width above 2.5mm, would be described as a wide choice of band.

For Male Hands

Male hand wearing Platinum wedding bands with 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm widths on hand from Fenton

The standard male ring size in the UK is a T ½. Based on this, ring size widths start at 4mm and go up to as wide as 8mm depending on preferred style.

A classic wedding band measures 5mm width.

Where to start

We always advise our couples to come and see us at our showroom in London for a wedding consultation and to try on different wedding band options. This is particularly helpful if you are matching your band to your engagement ring.

Starting at the traditional widths of 2mm and 4mm will give you a great starting point and allows you to adjust to either a wider or more narrow width from there.

Tip: If you can’t come and see us in person, you can use cheaper fashion jewellery to give you a feel of what width works for your hand size and shape and we can advise you from there.

We also offer virtual appointments where we can show you different ring combinations and widths on hand.

Man wearing Platinum flat wedding band from Fenton holding hands with woman

Things to consider when choosing your wedding band widths:

1. Hand size and shape

Our hands come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built more narrow whilst others have a broader width. Using your ring size can help define what ‘category’ your hand shape might fall under.

For Her

As a rule of thumb, more petite hands and smaller ring sizes suit a more narrow band such as the Thin Band or the Eternity or the Laurel Band at 2mm and 2.5mm up.

If you want to pack more of a punch, our Seven Stone Band or Thick Band or Single Stone Band at 3-4mm.

A great alternative to add width without necessarily going for a wider style is a Chevron band. The geometric curve in the band naturally lengthens the width but still suits a petite hand and also nicely frames your engagement ring.


For Him

If you are looking for a band that is a little more subtle and suits a more narrow hand shape, our Thick Bands and Flat Bands are available in 4mm widths.

The Three Stone Band and Milgrain Bands come at the same width and are great alternatives for those looking for something a more contemporary style.

If you are looking for a mid-sized style, customise the Thick Band or Flat Band in 5mm width and for a wider style for a broader hand build, we can go up to 6mm for you.

Tip: For any wedding bands styles above 6mm or below 2mm, we also offer an in-house bespoke design service. Our bespoke jewellery team can help you find your perfect wedding band.

2. Consider your engagement ring

If you are matching your wedding band to an engagement ring it is always worth considering what compliments your style of ring.

“The world is your oyster when it comes to matching styles but the classic Trilogy looks amazing with a 1.7mm Chevron band if the ring is not wed-fit or a 1.8mm Eternity band if wed-fit. We also love how the Halo ring sparkles with the 2mm Plain thin band.” says our jewellery expert Juliette.

If your engagement ring has a thinner and more subtle band, it is worth starting with a 2mm band width. If you have a ring with a stone size that is Big (9x7 or 7x7mm) and above, this can really suit a wider band style.

Emerald emerald cut and diamond Trilogy ring with diamond eternity band worn on hand from Fenton

3. Fit and Comfort

“We always ask our customers to also consider their day-to-day and required fit for going about their daily tasks” advises Lily, our Head Concierge.

If you have a hands-on job and an active lifestyle, it might be worth considering a band width that sits more comfortably and is not too chunky.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a chunky wedding band and have no concerns about day-to-day ‘getting in the way’, then a wider band might just be the one for you!

Tip: If you’re opting for a thicker wedding band, such as 6mm and above, we would recommend sizing up by one finger size for optimum comfort.

4. Budget

It is also worth keeping your budget in mind when you are trying on and deciding on your wedding band. In general, wider bands will need more material such as yellow, rose or white gold or platinum and hence come at a higher price point than thinner bands.

Our wedding bands start at £395 with the Plain Chevron Band. The cost of a wedding ring can cost upwards of £1,350 with a 6mm Thick Band or Flat Band style.

Tip: Budget should not stand in the way of your forever ring design so please speak to our concierge team who can run you through some financing options that suit your requirements and budget.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out and we can advise you on your wedding ring options. Simply get in touch or book your wedding consultation online today.

Concierge measuring ring size during personal wedding consultation from Fenton

5. Bespoke

As mentioned, our standard women’s and men’s wedding band width range from 2mm to 6mm.

But if you’re looking for something a little more different, or if you have a dream unique wedding band design that isn’t in our standard range, our in-house bespoke team can bring your ideas to life.

Simply submit your bespoke enquiry here or get in touch with our expert bespoke team to book a personal consultation.


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