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Yellow Sapphire Diamond oval cut ring and drop earrings in 18k recycled gold | Fenton

Fenton Love Stories

A sparkling Yellow Sapphire ring & earring set | Marina’s Fenton love story

In our newest edition of Fenton Love Stories, we’re sharing a beautiful self-gifting story with Marina. Read on to discover the perfect Yellow Sapphire jewellery set she customised for herself!

7 minute read | Words by Angeli 

The self-gifting stories we receive from customers always warm our hearts, whether to celebrate a special occasion, such as Elaine’s Fenton love story or as a deserving treat to yourself. A fine piece of jewellery is the perfect gift to yourself to mark a milestone in your life. As a lifelong lover of jewellery, whose gemstone collection can make even us green with envy, Marina had recently discovered and fallen in love with the astrological significance of Yellow Sapphires. After searching far and wide for the perfect talisman, she found her forever jewellery with Fenton.

The journey to finding the perfect jewellery

Initially, Marina had been more familiar with the more well-known colour variety of Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, having owned and worn them as her talisman for around 15 years. However, after consulting with her Vedic astrologist, she discovered that the Yellow Sapphire was actually her protection stone, a gemstone that didn’t exist in her collection yet. This began her journey to find the perfect Yellow Sapphire jewellery. Having not found exactly what she dreamt of from other jewellers, Marina eventually customised the perfect Yellow Sapphire Star ring and Classic Drop Earrings from our website. At Fenton, our gemstones are 100% naturally formed from the earth over millions of years and are said to carry healing properties and special symbolism. For example, Yellow Sapphires are said to impart protection, good fortune and happiness on their wearer.

Product details: Yellow Sapphire oval cut Star ring 18k Yellow Gold in Bigger (10x8mm) & Yellow Sapphire cushion cut Classic Drop Earrings 18k Yellow Gold

Yellow has always been Marina’s favourite colour, with it symbolising the gift of life, as well as yielding protection for herself.

“I love the look of the Yellow Sapphire and I love to wearing it” - Marina

On jewellery as a statement

Marina’s love for fine jewellery began from her desire to express her femininity. Her vast gemstone collection that she’s built over the years consists of Pearls, Morganites, Citrines, Tanzanites, Aquamarines and more, having a favourite gemstone for every day of the week.

She thinks the beauty of fine jewellery perfectly lends itself as the quintessential statement for being a powerful woman. When choosing jewellery, she’s always been drawn to ornamented designs and the Star ring is no exception.

“I love having fun with my jewellery. It’s a statement of how you present yourself to others and the perfect expression of being a woman. Jewellery is also the perfect way for a person to shine.”

“Being able to customise the jewellery myself allowed me to enhance my creativity, and create something that I feel good wearing every day.”

Her love for other gemstones

For now, Marina is absolutely smitten with her Yellow Sapphire jewellery. But she does have her eyes set on more Aquamarine jewellery! Aquamarines hold deep meaning for her, as it was the first piece of jewellery her partner bought for her on a trip to Gibraltar. After losing her Aquamarine ring many years ago, her partner recently gifted her an Aquamarine pendant and necklace, ring and earrings for their 10th wedding anniversary to replace the lost ring.

“Aquamarines are absolutely stunning. I love wearing them. My Aquamarine collection beautifully reminds me of drops of water like the ocean. My name is also Marina, which is probably also why I love the Aquamarine haha!”

It’s meant to be!

What she loves about Fenton

On her search for the perfect Yellow Sapphire jewellery, Marina had her reservations about being able to choose the stone with good conscience. Other jewellers were not able to tell her exactly where the stone is sourced from. When she found Fenton, she valued our transparency, honest prices for high-quality jewellery and the flexible gemstone sizes we have on offer!

“It’s been a really fun journey, from creating my jewellery up to delivery. My lovely ring and earrings are simply amazing. I loved Fenton’s transparency, knowing where the stones come from and the fair prices. I had great conscience choosing you.”

 Ready to start your own Fenton journey? Our expert concierge and in-house gemmologists are here to answer any questions you have! Simply get in touch via Whatsapp, Email or Call or book your personal or virtual appointment here.

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