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Unleash Your Creativity: Your Guide to Stunning Ring Stacking Combinations

Unleash Your Creativity: Your Guide to Stunning Ring Stacking Combinations

Whether it’s to mark an engagement or a personal milestone, we’re here to show you how to stack your rings to create dazzling combinations as unique as you are.

In the big sparkling world of jewellery, self-expression knows no bounds. And when it comes to rings, the possibilities are endless. Ring stacking has become a popular trend lately, allowing us to create unique and personalised combinations that reflect our own style and personality whilst also having links to palmistry.

Ring stacking has a rich history that spans across different cultures and time periods, and the practice of wearing multiple rings has evolved and adapted over time.

An example of this are ‘Gimmel’ rings, which were popular in 16th and 17th century Europe and consisted of two interlocking rings that could be connected together. The separate rings were each worn by the bride and groom throughout their engagement. Then on their wedding day, the rings would be united to form one single ring which would be worn by the bride to signify the couple's marriage.

gimmel ring, antique jewellery

‘Guard’ or ‘Keeper’ rings became popular too during the 18th century, just as diamonds were becoming a favoured love token. These rings consisted of a typically plain, simple band which would sit either side of the more expensive diamond ring to help secure it in place and stop it from slipping off. Not only was this a practical measure, but the look is most resemblant of the stacking rings we see today.

Ring stacking is not just about randomly placing rings on your fingers; it involves careful consideration and various artistic elements too. From what Gemstone cuts to choose, factors like style, symmetry, colour, and texture are important to note when creating ring stacks and are fun to experiment with too! By combining different ring shapes, sizes, metals, and gemstones, you can achieve unique and captivating combinations that reflect your own personal style.

That being said, there are no set rules for creating your perfect ring stack and whether you're a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, this comprehensive guide will help inspire you to explore the art of ring stacking and discover exciting combinations that will elevate your jewellery game to new heights.


Express Yourself Through Stacking Your Rings

The key to a good ring stack is creating a harmonious and balanced look through thoughtful considerations. This can easily be adapted to suit your own preference, for example here’s how we’d pair our collection of rings to evoke favoured characteristics…

For A bold look that will stand out, we love going tonal with just one statement colour gemstone. For this, we’d pair our Emerald cut Emerald Solitaire ring with a sparkling Emerald Chevron band for a stylish look that plays with shape and highlights the classic Emerald cut.

If you fancy some serious sparkle on your hand, we’d go for our Aquamarine Halo ring with a Solar Diamond Eternity band for a timeless look that glitters against the cool blue tones of the Aquamarine.

If you’re dedicated to ring stacking and inspired by the ‘Guard & Keeper’ rings of the 18th century, then we love the look of our Seven Stone band, followed by our Garland ring and then a Laurel band to top it all off. Wearing three rings together is a unique way to play with different metal and colour combinations. Stacking three rings can be sentimental for the wearer as well, with options for engagement, wedding, anniversary rings, and push presents too.

While it’s true that the most common way to stack rings is with the classic engagement ring and wedding band, it doesn’t have to be like this and you can experiment with any rings you want, on whichever finger you want.

In fact, whilst in many Western cultures it is standard to wear these rings on your left hand, in Germany, Russia, Poland and Ukraine, the ring finger on the right hand is preferred.

In palmistry (the act of interpreting a person’s character or predicting their future by analysing their palms), the hands and fingers are associated with the attributes of Greek gods and so over time, wearing rings on different fingers has come to symbolize different meanings.
Here are the symbols associated to wearing rings on different fingers…

Ring finger: Love and beauty (gaining its name as the ring finger)

Middle finger: Responsibility and harmonious balance

Index finger: Ambition and leadership

Pinky finger: Intuition and intelligence

Thumb: Willpower and self-assertion

The popularity of ring stacking has had a significant impact on the jewellery industry, transforming the way people approach and wear rings.

Many shoppers now choose their engagement and wedding rings at the same time so that they match, rather than picking them separately.

Knowing that our customers are usually keen to pick a band that compliments their prized engagement ring, here at Fenton, we created our gorgeous Curved and Chevron bands, which are designed to perfectly accentuate the central stone, giving it space to shine whilst remaining a subtle statement itself.

When choosing an engagement ring it’s helpful to think about how you would like it to sit with your future wedding band. We offer both ‘wed-fit’ and ‘non wed-fit’ options so your chosen stone will either sit flush or slightly raised against your finger. For more information on this, read our handy guide here.

pink sapphire solitaire, pink sapphire garland, unique gemstone rings, Fenton luxury jewellers, certified B Corp


Build a Solid Foundation

It’s best to begin your stack with a statement ring: a colourful gemstone or a unique design that catches the eye. This ring will serve as the centrepiece, anchoring your stack and setting the tone for the overall aesthetic.

Whilst you may believe this ring needs to be “bigger and better” to be a statement piece, that isn’t always true and some smaller gemstones really stand out here. For example, our Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Bezel ring takes on a minimalistic, modern design which allows for this gorgeous Pink Sapphire to steal the spotlight.

pink sapphire garland, pink sapphire solitaire, unique alternative gemstone rings, Fenton jewellers, luxury certified B Corp


Embrace Symmetry (or not!)

For a sleek and refined look, opt for symmetrical ring stacks. Select rings of similar shapes and sizes to create a harmonious arrangement. Stacking identical bands or rings with matching gemstones on both sides of the centrepiece creates a balanced appearance. Think of the flowing lines created by combining curved bands with round gemstone cuts.

Here, Meghan Markle has chosen two textured, rounded bands that both compliment each other whilst being different styles and metals. They act as the centrepiece, surrounded by two dainty bands on either side creating an elegant look which we love.

However, if you’re craving a more maximalist approach then mixing gemstones and shapes can create an edgy, colourful vibe. Think of dynamic lines created by combining soft curved bands with emerald or cushion gemstone cuts to play with asymmetry.Here, we love Emily Ratajkowski’s more maximalist approach, combining both a princess and a pear cut diamond with a thick gold band to embrace asymmetry and create a unique ring stack.

Meghan Markle ring stacking


Mix Metals

Gone are the days of strictly adhering to one metal colour. Embrace the beauty of mixing metals to add depth and contrast to your ring stack. Experiment mixing combinations like 18K Yellow Gold with Rose Gold or Platinum. The interplay of different metals adds visual interest and allows for greater versatility when you’re coordinating with other jewellery pieces.

Also, different metals tend to complement different gemstones the most. Check out our blog here to find out how to choose the perfect metal for your jewellery and don’t let outdated stereotypes stop you from wearing your dream ring combinations!

simple solar diamond bands stacking, Fenton jewellers, luxury certified B Corp


Play with Shapes and Textures

One of the most exciting aspects of ring stacking is the opportunity to play with various shapes and textures. Incorporate geometric shapes, such as a cushion cut, to create a contemporary aesthetic, but soften it with a round cut for a softer, feminine feel. Mix in textured bands, such as twisted or hammered designs, to add a special touch to your stack.

Create a completely one-of-a-kind piece that allows you to experiment with shapes, texture and eye-catching metal work to make something truly individual.

For those who prefer a more delicate and understated look, stacking thin and dainty rings is the way to go. Opt for slim bands with minimal embellishments. If this is your style, consider our ‘dainty’ gemstone size which is available in our Vintage ring.

Another way to style the Vintage style ring is with a modern minimalist band or combine a chunky gemstone ring with multiple delicate stackable bands. The contrast between different styles will add a dynamic touch to your overall look.

mixed gemstones stack, yellow sapphires and emeralds, aquamarine stone, Fenton Jewellers luxury certified B Corp


Incorporate Personal Elements

Personalisation is the key to making your ring stack truly unique and meaningful.

Add a complimentary engraving to your rings band to represent your loved ones or significant life events.

These personalised elements add a sentimental touch and transform your stack into a cherished heirloom. Go further by going bespoke and adding a tiny gemstone to the inside of the band, particularly special for birthstone dates, to be close to you always.

Personalise your stack to create a piece you can proudly say you designed yourself!

blue sapphire stacked rings, blue sapphire garland, solar diamonds, Fenton jewellers luxury certified B Corp


Enjoy the Process!

Finally, enjoy!

Curating the perfect stack doesn’t need to be done in a week and can be built up over a lifetime of accomplishments and special moments, from proposals to push presents and beyond. If you’re considering building a collection then get in touch today and book an in-person or virtual appointment with our expert concierge team, who will be happy to help you start your journey to creating your ultimate stack of heirloom rings.

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