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How to measure your ring size


How to measure your ring size

Expert advice to help you to accurately measure yours or your partner’s ring size at home.

Working out yours or your partner's ring size can be pretty confusing. But don’t worry, the Fenton Concierges are here to help, with their pro tips on how to measure your ring size at home, size conversions and how to make sure you get your partner's ring size right!

Measuring your ring size at home

What should you consider when measuring your own ring size?

First up you should consider if you have a ring which you already wear on the finger for which you are buying the ring for. If you do, then you can measure the inner diameter of this ring. The best way to do this would be to place your ring on top of a ruler or tape measure. You can then measure the mm width from the inside of one side of the band to the other. Then check this on a sizing chart to work out what ring size this would be!


You can also reach out to us directly to request a ring sizer to be sent straight to you, free of charge.  


Which technique do you recommend for at-home ring sizing?

We like to make things as easy as possible, so if you don’t know your ring size we can send you a complimentary at home ring sizer. Simply request on here, and we shall post this out to you, with detailed instructions on how to use it.


But if you’re not patient enough to wait, then another technique that has worked in the past is the string technique This involves taking a piece of string, wrapping it around the finger and marking where the ends meet . Then measure the length of the string to find the circumference of your ring finger - which you can then work out what ring size this corresponds to.


A key tip to remember is that your fingers change in size throughout the day, so don’t wrap the string too tight! However, the issue with this method is people tend to wrap it too tight, and can forget fingers can swell through the day and in hot weather, so the ring ends up being a little tight!


Do you have any tips for ensuring you get an accurate ring fit?

To make sure you get an accurate fit we would recommend taking the measurement a few times at different times of the day, to account for any changes due to temperature etc as we outlined above.

When is the best time to measure your ring size?

Ideally we would suggest taking your ring measurement around mid-afternoon. This will account for the fact your fingers will be smaller in the morning, and ensure the size of your ring will be something which will be comfortable for you all day long.

Local vs. International Ring Sizing Conversion

Is there a standard ring sizing conversion chart?

As you may know there is no one standardised ring size scale. For example here in the UK we use letters and halfs to depict ring sizes, whereas in the US they use numerical measurements for ring sizes. In Italy your ring size is your finger circumference, less 40mm, and in France and Germany it is based on the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters.


However, it is pretty easy to convert between each of these. You can use our handy chart below to do just that!

Are there any differences between men's and women's international sizing?

Both men’s and women’s ring sizes are based on the same measuring chart system, which makes things easier.


See our ring size chart

Finding Out Your Partner’s Ring Size

How can you determine your partner's ring size without asking them?

Whether for a proposal or a special gift, there are many reasons why you may want to keep the ring your buying secret, but needing your partner's ring size can make this pretty challenging!


The optimal thing in this situation would be if your partner has another ring which you can use as a guide. Ideally this will be one which they wear on the same finger for which the ring is intended to be worn, but even if this isn’t the case the ring can be a pretty good indicator for yourself and your jeweller to take an educated guess.


You can then use the ring which you have and measure the inner diameter of this to figure out the size of it. Alternatively you could bring it along to an appointment with us and we can use a tool called a mandrel, which we can use to take an exact measurement of the ring.


We can then use this size to inform what size ring should fit them, with a good degree of accuracy.

Can all rings be resized?

If the ring you opt for has a plain 18k gold or platinum band, then we can absolutely resize this for you. With Fenton, the first resizing, within 45 days of receipt of your order is also free of charge, so no need to panic if you do choose the wrong size.


However, if you opt for a ring with a pave band, things are a little trickier. Due to the diamonds or gemstones, typically we would be unable to resize this ring. We are however able to offer you an exchange if you are within your 45 day standard exchange or refund period.


After the 45 days you can subscribe to our industry leading aftercare membership, so you can easily resize your ring, have it polished or any maintenance your ring may require.


Still have questions? You can speak to our expert concierge team at any time. They would love to help you!

Or request your free ring sizer to measure the size for your perfect ring at home. 


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