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Behind the Solar Diamond Proposal | Fenton Love Stories

Fenton Love Stories

Behind the Solar Diamond Proposal | Fenton Love Stories

Discover the love stories behind our Solar Diamond proposals. From why they chose a sustainable lab-grown ring to how they chose the perfect style.

At Fenton, we always strive to do things differently. Enter lab-grown diamonds powered by solar energy! Chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds, our Solar Diamonds are the first of their kind in the UK. 

Predominantly, mined diamonds come with a few considerations. The bigger the diamond, the bigger the exponential price difference. Along that is the issue of ambiguous sourcing and the lack of transparency around the origin of the stone.

What’s more, lab-grown diamonds aren’t entirely conscious-free either, with traditional lab-grown diamonds producing 3x more the greenhouse gasses than mined diamonds.

So, we wanted to give our customers the smart choice without costing the earth or your budget. 

And since the launch of our Solar Diamonds, we’ve loved seeing all your proposals!

We get so much joy from hearing all the love stories and reasons why couples choose a Solar Diamond for their heirloom ring. From personal values to sustainability, read on to discover why Solar Diamonds are fast becoming our most popular gemstone!

The Sentiment of Solar

Dilpeche was one of the first customers to purchase a Solar Diamond ring! In fact, he was the first-ever person to pick up a Solar Diamond at our Mayfair, London showroom. For Dilpeche & Ayesha, a Solar Diamond added another layer of symbolism.

“Sunshine holds a lot of sentimental value for my fiancée and I as we love sunrises and sunsets. I thought she’d love the idea of having a ring that was made using solar energy.” - Dilpeche

Dilpeche proposed with a classic Solar Diamond oval cut Trilogy on a balcony overlooking the London Eye. With a trip to Geneva already planned for their third anniversary the next day, the getaway came at the perfect time to celebrate their engagement!


Solar Diamond Trilogy Platinum

An Ethical Engagement Ring

It’s no surprise that the sustainable and renewable aspect of Solar Diamonds have won couples over, aligning perfectly with their personal values.

Chris proposed to Kelsey with a timeless and classic Solar Diamond oval cut Solitaire ring in Platinum. As Kelsey leads a vegan lifestyle, she aims to make her choices as sustainable as she can. Hence why she’s always considered a lab-grown diamond over a mined diamond. So when it came time to choose the perfect ring, Chris knew Solar Diamonds would be the perfect fit.

“I knew a sustainable lab-grown diamond would be what I want.” - Kelsey

“And the diamond itself is incredible!” - Chris


Solar Diamond Solitaire Platinum

Bespoke Designs

Beyond our made-to-order Solar Diamond style range, we have seen beautiful new pieces designed with our specialist bespoke team. One of the bespoke designs we had the joy of creating is a Solar Diamond Toi et Moi with Emilie & Chris!

“When we started looking for an engagement ring, we had a strict budget but I also had a clear vision of what I wanted. This way I could get the design I wanted, with diamonds in the size I wanted.” - Emilie

Toi et Moi rings have increasingly become a popular choice for engagement rings, with its prominence coming from celebrity engagements, and we can see why!

The Toi et Moi ring features two stones adjoined that symbolise two souls coming together. This is brought to life perfectly with two sparkling Solar Diamonds. Emilie & Chris’ beautiful piece shows that you can achieve the dream ring design without compromising on your budget.

Thinking of a Solar Diamond ring that’s different from our standard ring styles? Submit your bespoke enquiry here to get in touch with our Bespoke team and start designing.


Another reason to love a Solar Diamond is its versatility and sparkle, elegantly enhancing any outfit. From a multitude of dream engagement ring designs, Kelsey shares how her Solitaire was ultimately the perfect choice for her.

“Every ring that I’d sent to my best friends was completely different, from the colour to the type of metal, design and size! But ultimately, I just love the simplicity and timelessness of my ring.

It goes with every outfit and the way it catches the light looks absolutely stunning.” - Kelsey

Heirloom Quality & Size

Often, people would have to sacrifice on the size of the diamond so as not to compromise on their budget. Fenton was founded on the belief that we should offer only the best heirloom fine jewellery pieces at an exceptional price point, without costing the earth.

How do we do it? Solar Diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds, but by going directly to the source, we cut out the traditional markups added by middlemen. This makes them 2-3x less expensive than mined diamonds.

We’ve had the pleasure of creating the dream diamond ring for hundreds of couples so far without compromising their budget. One of those couples was Jeff and Amy-Jay. Jeff proposed with a gorgeous Solar Diamond oval cut Solitaire in Platinum.

Their proposal was made even more special as their beautiful children were present for the occasion.

“Amy-Jay was so taken aback by the ring, that she just had to say yes! I’m so pleased that I found Fenton online.

As soon as I saw the ring, I was amazed by its quality, size and sparkle. I knew straight away that she would love it.” - Jeff


Solar Diamond Solitaire Platinum

Diamond & Coloured Gemstones

When we first decided to launch Solar Diamonds, we wanted to keep our signature Fenton flair and initially introduced Solar Diamonds styles adorned with coloured gemstones. We’ve loved seeing the amazingly colourful and sparkling designs our customers have created.

Marc created a unique Solar Diamond and Emerald oval cut Mayfair engagement ring, while Daniel proposed with a gorgeous Solar Diamond and Emerald round cut Trefoil ring.

Solar Diamond and Emerald Mayfair

Solar Diamond and Emerald Trefoil

Start your Solar Diamond love story

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting process. However, our expert concierge team is here to guide you through the whole process.

“The concierge team really reassured me during the whole process from the appointment to the dispatch process. Fenton went above and beyond our expectations and we’re definitely coming back for our wedding bands.” - Chris

“It was really helpful to have the concierge team talk me through different styles and ideas. I was also sold on the flexibility of your service with your 60 days returns policy. I knew that I could propose, and if there are any changes after the fact, I was reassured that I could do it.” - Dilpeche

Dreaming of your own Solar Diamond ring? Explore our range of Solar Diamond engagement ring styles here.

Or if you need some extra guidance to find the perfect ring, book a virtual or in-person appointment with our concierge team at our Mayfair, London showroom.

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