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Choosing an engagement ring as a couple

The Advantages of Choosing Your Engagement Ring as a Couple

When it comes to planning your engagement, there's a rising trend that is adding a delightful twist to a traditional proposal; the act of choosing an engagement ring together as a couple.

Traditionally, the Western proposal we are familiar with involves a man getting down on one knee, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a beautiful ring box and opening it whilst saying those magical four words of “Will You Marry Me?”. The romantic appeal of this tradition lies in the lead-up to the proposal and the element of surprise, with the man traditionally being the one to choose the ‘perfect ring’ for his partner.

It is interesting how something which starts so independently, with one partner choosing, planning and picking the ring, ends in the celebration of the coming together of two. And as time has progressed it has allowed people the confidence to question these traditions and whether or not they fit into their own love story.

Embarking on this journey together not only ensures the perfect engagement ring for your partner but can lay a solid foundation for your future as a married couple. It is romantic to experience this milestone together and reduces the stress involved in the process. It’s easy to understand how this contemporary approach intrigues the modern couple and how it sets the tone for an equal relationship.

The Experience

Selecting an engagement ring together is an experience in itself and one that you’ll both treasure if you decide to do it together. Not only will you learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, but you may even surprise yourselves along the way.

It’s common for couples to make a day out of the experience, continuing the celebrations after meeting with the jewellers. Many couples choose to go for a romantic dinner or shop for a scent to wear on the big day so that they can associate the purchase with the exciting experience of finding their perfect ring.

Rather than a potentially nerve-wracking trip alone, coming in together turns this engagement essential into an engagement experience, as you both share this milestone.

This experience isn't just about the ring; it's about the love and partnership you share. This is a momentous decision and involving both partners in the process can make it all the more special. For many, an ideal ring is one that symbolises you both as a couple and what better way to do that than sharing the experience of picking out an engagement ring together.

A Modern Proposal

Many couples are now having more open and honest conversations around the topic of marriage, making the option of selecting rings together easier. A survey from the Natural Diamond Council concluded that a staggering 62% of couples now make this exciting choice, proving it to be a successful and popular option. Princess Diana famously paved the way and selected her iconic Blue Sapphire engagement ring herself rather than having it revealed to her as a surprise.

The act of discussing preferences, styles, and symbolism encourages active listening and understanding and this shared decision-making process sets the stage for a lifetime of collaboration as you navigate future choices together.

Less Stress

One clear advantage of choosing your engagement ring together is that it takes the pressure off the choosing partner with decisions around design, style, material and budget, now being made together. Not only does this lead to an enjoyable shared experience, but it reduces the dreaded fear of your partner ending up disappointed by the ring.

The partner receiving the engagement ring also has an easier time, no longer having to leave (often not so) subtle hints for their dream ring and praying their partner picks up on these clues.

Furthermore, it’s exciting finding out how you and your partner's tastes vary and stay the same. Deciding details in your design together leading to the creation of a sentimental piece for you both to cherish.

Another, rather significant benefit to consider when choosing an engagement ring together is that you get to avoid the hassle and secrecy of trying to find out your partner’s ring size whilst keeping them blissfully unaware. No more trying to sneak around with a ring sizer while your partner is sleeping. Instead, this is taken care of during your appointment.

Sharing Ideas

When beginning your journey of choosing your engagement ring together, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are a great place to start searching for inspiration. Sharing pictures with each other gives you both a sense of each other's tastes.

But also remember not to worry if you have absolutely no idea what type of ring you like. That’s what your appointment is for and you may even surprise yourselves trying on a style you hadn’t considered before. It’s all part of the fun.

Whilst it’s not the be-all and end-all if the ring size isn’t perfect the first time (as our finger sizes fluctuate throughout the day), the ring fitting correctly the first time is always a bonus and allows for quick picture taking and Instagram posting too. Your concierge will help you with this during your appointment, but fear not if it isn’t quite right, resizing the ring is a quick and easy process.

Choosing your engagement ring together also gives you the opportunity to think about whether or not you’d like the ring to be engraved, or if the more personal touches are something you’d prefer to save for your wedding bands.

Financial Discussions

There’s an outdated stereotype that an engagement ring has to be worth three months' salary and whilst this isn’t true, many people fixate on the price of the ring. Nonetheless, financial matters are worth considering and if you and your partner both feel comfortable discussing finances and budgets then selecting an engagement ring together can be a wise choice. Being open about your budget with your partner before your appointment allows you both to centre your purchase around a price you both feel comfortable with.

However, if you’d prefer to avoid disclosing the price with your partner, at many jewellers, you’ll be able to discuss your budget beforehand with whomever is taking your appointment so that during your time there you’ll only get shown rings within your selected price range. This way you can both share the experience without getting caught up in the transactions.

There are plenty of ways to find the best financial solution for you, to give you both the best experience possible. Gone are the days of having to pay a large sum of money all at once and most established jewellers now offer 0%financing options, so you can enjoy your appointment without having to worry about a large payment at the end.

The ‘Surprise’

Placeholder rings are becoming a popular practice too, where an inexpensive, decoy ring is used for the proposal and then exchanged for a beautiful and personal ring the happy couple picked out together afterwards. This way, the element of surprise remains and you can then go and experience your appointment together without the pressure of one partner choosing the ‘perfect ring’ solo.

Placeholder rings often become sentimental to a couple, as a reminder of the beginnings of their engagement. Some fiancés will wear their placeholder on a chain as a necklace, to keep as a sweet reminder of their special day.

In the end, choosing your engagement ring together as a couple offers is a romantic experiencethat contributes to a strong and fulfilling relationship.

The shared decision-making process promotes open communication, strengthens emotional connection, and can foster financial transparency too.

This joint process is becoming more popular as both individuals can participate in the exciting experience of picking out the “most important jewellery piece you’ll ever own” whilst creating treasured memories too.

If you wish to get started creating your dream ring together, get in touch with us today to book an appointment with our expert concierge, who will be more than happy to help you find your perfect engagement ring.

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