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Fenton’s 5 best-selling engagement rings and why we love them


Fenton’s 5 best-selling engagement rings and why we love them

Ever wondered what our best-selling styles are? Discover our round-up of jewellery most loved by you. 

At Fenton, we’re proud to be the modern celebration jeweller and are honoured to be part of our customers’ special milestone moments, whether that’s celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary or other occasions. Over the years, it’s clear that our happy customers have their favourites. 

And our best-selling pieces are best sellers for good reason. If you’re looking for some inspiration, discover our top 5 best sellers you can’t go wrong with.

The Trilogy ring

Emerald emerald cut and Diamond Trilogy ring from Fenton

The Trilogy ring is a classic and timeless style loved by so many, especially as an engagement ring - and we can see why!

The Trilogy is a three-stone ring design that features a coloured gemstone or diamond centre stone, surrounded by two accent stones on either side. The middle stone on a Trilogy ring is often larger or set higher than its two side stones, which tend to be identical, bringing the focal point to the centre stone. 

What does a Trilogy ring mean?

We love The Trilogy for all that it symbolises. This three-stone ring actually represents the past, present and future, which is the perfect romantic symbol for an engagement and celebration of shared love together. 

The first stone (left) signifies the past and the memories and experiences you’ve shared with your partner. The middle and largest centre stone represents the present and living in the now. Lastly, the third stone (right) signifies the future and all the hopes and dreams you have together. 

The Trilogy also shares other meanings and significance.

1. Friendship, love and devotion
2. Family
3. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
4. To love, honour and cherish

    Whatever significance you wish to hold with The Trilogy ring, it is truly a timeless and beautiful piece of jewellery that’s loved for many generations to come. 

    The Fenton Trilogy ring

    The Fenton Trilogy ring unites a coloured centre stone, with two surrounding GH/VS trillion or brilliant cut diamonds. Customise your Trilogy ring with your choice of gemstone, such as Emeralds, Sapphires or Aquamarines.

    The Trilogy is then set with your choice of metal, such as 950 Platinum or 18K recycled gold, and gemstone cut, such as emerald, oval, cushion or round. Our Trilogy rings start from £2,100 or £175 per month on finance.


    The Vintage ring

    Blue Sapphire Vintage Ring from Fenton

    Up next in our round-up of best-selling styles is the stunning Vintage ring. Our Vintage ring is characterised by two sparkling rows of diamond halos, which encircle your centre stone and even make it appear larger. The Vintage ring is an elegant and regal style that’s been coveted since the early 18th-century Georgian period. 

    Why we love The Vintage ring

    We often find that our Blue Sapphire oval cut Vintage ring is loved for its similarity to The Duchess of Cambridge’s iconic Blue Sapphire engagement ring. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring features an oval cut Blue Sapphire with a halo of 14 round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18Kt white gold so we can see its resemblance to our Vintage!

    The Fenton Vintage ring

    The centre stone on your Fenton Vintage ring is set on a sparkling cushion on GH/VS clarity diamonds, allowing the light to catch from all directions.

    The delicate metal work under the ring is crafted from solid 950 Platinum or 18K recycled gold and is inspired by 18th-century antique engagement rings. Our Vintage rings start from £1,450 or £121 per month on finance. 


    The Mayfair ring

    Fenton Mayfair cluster round cut ring in Aquamarine Platinum

    The Mayfair is one of the newest rings to join our collection and it’s already becoming a top customer favourite. The Mayfair’s design is our modern take on the antique 18th-century Georgian designs of the cluster ring. The Mayfair’s name also pays homage to where Fenton all began here in London! 

    What is a cluster ring?

    A cluster ring is often characterised by a circular halo of round brilliant cut diamonds grouped together, which encircle a larger coloured gemstone or diamond in the centre. Alternatively, cluster ring designs can also include a number of smaller stones grouped together to give an illusion of a larger centre stone. 

    The Mayfair is an absolute favourite style as an engagement ring or anniversary present for its timeless and extra sparkling elegance.  

    The Fenton Mayfair ring

    The sparkling centre stone in a Fenton Mayfair ring is framed by a halo of twelve brilliant round-cut GH/VS diamonds and sits proudly on wed-fit cathedral-tapered shoulders to allow it to sit flush with your wedding band.

    Crafted using 950 Platinum or 18K recycled gold with an intricate petal-shaped gallery, this design draws in light to interact and shine through your centre stone. Our Mayfair rings start from £2,400 or £200 per month on finance. 


    The Solitaire ring

    Yellow Sapphire solitaire oval cut ring from Fenton

    The next style to make our best seller list is the timeless and classic Solitaire - this one was no surprise! The Solitaire is an iconic design which many would associate with a classic engagement ring style and has never gone out of fashion. 

    What does a Solitaire ring mean?

    Well, it’s in the name! The Solitaire ring is a minimalist design that features one singular centre gemstone unadorned with any extra accent or side gemstones or diamonds. This style places the centre stone as the main focal point of the ring, letting the centre stone shine and sparkle in all its glory. The Solitaire can also be designed with a plain band for a more understated look or with a pavé band for an extra touch of sparkle. 

    The Solitaire is absolutely timeless and a style which is sure to be loved for generations to come, which makes for the perfect heirloom piece.  

    The Fenton Solitaire ring

    The Fenton Solitaire ring brings a pop of colour to this timeless design with your choice of gemstone, such as Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Ruby or Aquamarine.

    Customise the metal with solid 950 Platinum or 18K recycled gold, available in four gemstone cuts such as round, emerald oval or cushion. Our Solitaire rings start from £1,950 or £162 per month on finance. 


    The Star ring

    Aquamarine Star round cut Ring from Fenton

    And last but not least to make the list is The Star ring. The Star is our most celestial ring design which has truly captivated many of our customers. Similar to our Vintage and Mayfair rings, The Star features a halo of diamonds but its three outer claws are what make this design evoke a star or flower.

    Why we love The Star ring

    While The Star is not necessarily a popular engagement ring style known by many (compared to the Solitaire and Trilogy), many of our customers end up falling in love with it as an engagement ring for its show stopping look. 

    Alongside our Vintage ring, this design is reminiscent of The Duchess of Cambridge’s iconic Blue Sapphire oval cut engagement ring, which is another reason our customers love it!

    The Fenton Star ring

    The Star features a single GH/VS diamond halo around your sparkling centre stone. As mentioned, the outer three-claw setting is what gives this design the ‘star’ aesthetic.

    The Star is wed-fit with an intricate basket-style gallery to allow your wedding band to sit flush on your engagement ring. Our Star rings start from £2,400 or £200 per month on finance.


    Our Other Ring Styles

    Whatever your style or budget, we can make it happen. Customise your ring from £1,250 or up to a 12x10mm ring in size Grand with Fenton. Explore Fenton's engagement ring styles here.

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