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Notes on Love

Notes on Love

Our mission at Fenton is to help people express and celebrate all love. In October 2020, we published our first book Notes on Love: Essays on Life, Love and Loss. The book is comprised of a series of essays which explore and celebrate diversity and self-expression, seeking to challenge, empower and highlight stories of love which do not 'conform'. 

 "We believe strongly that all love is created equal and should be celebrated equally. We hope this book will be uplifting, thought-provoking and reframe the way people view love, marriage and commitment" 

- Laura Lambert, Founder of Fenton.

We believe the expression of love to be a basic right that applies to all people without prejudice. Taking inspiration from the past and present, Notes on Love highlights stories which have traditionally been excluded from the narrative on love. Our intention is to open up discussions which are more diverse and inclusive - drawing on the experiences of our amazing contributors, including Vick Hope, Elizabeth Daye, Flora Gill and Candice Brathwaite with an introduction by Alexandra Shulman, former editor of Vogue.

They, and many brilliant others, offer a naked version of their emotional selves, sharing their views central to love. Delve into the origins, evolution and future of love and learn fascinating insights like different marriage traditions and sexual orientation laws around the world, as well as what it is like to find love in our modern, digital age. 

‘Notes on Love is an anthology of different voices talking about different aspects of love. It includes experiences and hope, advice and commentary’

- Alexandra Shulman

Contributions from Em Clarkson and Binwe Adebayo discuss love and culture and how each has shaped their lives today. Sharmadean Reid discusses the myth of being married by the age of 30 and Orson Fry delves into the meaning of love intertwined in song lyrics. You will also gain insights and tips to help you enjoy as sustainable a wedding as possible, coinciding with our ethos as a proud B-corp company. 

100% of the profits from the sale of the book are donated to our carefully selected charities and highly regarded charities; Black Minds Matter, The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), Women's Aid, Coram Beanstalk and IKWRO.

We hope our readers of Notes on Love find words in which they can relate to and enjoy and words which challenge and expand their views. Intended to be thought-provoking and educational, we hope you share your thoughts amongst family and friends, broadening this important discussion of love.