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Détails du produit

Nous sommes passionnés par la création de pièces de qualité exceptionnelle, fabriquées avec amour et soin par notre équipe talentueuse, pour résister à l'épreuve du temps.

C'est pourquoi nous sommes si heureux de vous présenter notre adhésion au service après-vente, qui a été créé pour vous aider à garder vos bijoux Fenton en sécurité et étincelants pour les générations à venir !

Quels sont les services disponibles ?

Pour un prix annuel, votre adhésion à Aftercare comprendra les services suivants, qui seront valables jusqu'à 12 mois après votre achat.

  • Contrôle annuel du service
  • Resserrement et ajustement
  • Remodelage/redimensionnement
  • Remplacement de la pierre
  • Et bien d'autres services, proposés à un tarif réduit, sur une base ad hoc.

*À l'exception de la Trilogy (ces bagues comportent des diamants d'accentuation plus grands sélectionnés par paires, veuillez contacter notre équipe de conciergerie pour plus d'informations).

Pour une liste complète des services, veuillez voir ci-dessous.

What does the aftercare membership include?

Annual Service Check

  • Your ring will undergo a full-service check and professional cleaning
  • We will provide an update on how your ring is ageing and share some tips on how you might be able to change the way you wear and care for it

Tightening and Adjustment

  • To ensure your gemstones remain secured we will tighten and adjust the prongs for you
  • We will also re-issue a service certificate to confirm that your ring is insurance compliant if needed
  • Please note: Cracked or damaged prongs or settings will be dealt with by our Concierge team on an ad hoc basis


  • Moderate reshaping of the band or resizing (up to 2 sizes up or down)
  • Please note: Our first resizing within our 60 day exchange/refund period is always complimentary!

Stone replacement

  • Replacement of up to two accent diamonds for a reduced flat fee of £50*

*With the exception of the Trilogy (as the accent diamonds are larger and selected as matched pair, please contact our concierge team or refer to the FAQ below for further information)


What is included in the Aftercare membership?

The membership includes everything we would recommend to keep your modern heirloom sparkling for years to come! For more information on the membership than this page or any other questions, please get in touch with our Concierge team.

What's the difference between a lifetime manufacture warranty and Aftercare?

Aftercare We hope you absolutely love your Fenton heirloom and with the right care it is designed to be worn and enjoyed every day. Please read our Care Guidelines carefully for day to day care and to keep it looking it's best over time we recommend our industry-leading Aftercare Membership is in place to service your ring and take care of any small issues that are caused by regular wear and tear, such as the below: - Accent diamond replacement - Metal Polishing - Claws getting caught and lifting or breaking - Re-polishing your gemstone - Re-rhodium plating for white gold - Amongst other common treatments for normal wear and tear £105 annually. Lifetime manufacture warranty On very rare occasions, fine jewellery can pass through the correct quality assurance processes without a small subset of manufacturing flaws being detected. An example of this could include porosity below the surface of the metal in your setting which can cause it to warp significantly over time however it would not ordinarily include a ring shank that has flattened or distorted slightly with normal wear and tear or a broken prong. The latter are covered underneath our Aftercare service which is described above. In any instances where a manufacturing flaw has led to structural instability we take full responsibility to make right any issue there may be with your Fenton piece.

How do i clean my ring?

Cleaning your ring is something you can do on a regular basis at home, and under our Aftercare Membership you are able to send your ring or jewellery back to us for a polishing of the metal and a professional clean as well!

Some gemstones will show dirt more than others. Paler gemstones tend to show dirt easier than darker stones. For example, Aquamarines are known to attract dirt through normal wear, for example a build up of soap and moisturiser may cause your stone to have a "cloudy" appearance, reducing the beautiful sparkle.

None of our gemstones (except emeralds) will change in appearance overtime and it is not possible for a gemstone to lose its sparkle on its own!

For an easy at-home clean, we'll share our secret tip of the trade and advise you to use some luke-warm water and some soap with a soft-bristled toothbrush (e.g. washing up liquid a child's brush or bamboo), and gently scrub the ring until the dirt has gone. This may take several tries depending on how thick the film build up is!

Emeralds: please note we do not recommend this method for cleaning emerald jewellery. Do not use any soap or other chemical with emerald jewellery as this could cause irreversible damage.

Doing this once a month or so should allow you to keep your jewellery lovely and clean for daily wear!

If you are unsure of how to clean your jewellery and have any specific questions on emeralds, please reach out to our Concierge team for further information.

What are diamond replacement cost for a Trilogy ring?

For our Trilogy rings, the cost to replace accent diamonds is as follows. Please note that we follow jewellery best-practices to replace both diamonds to ensure a matched pair.

Original £295.00
Big £495.00
Bigger £695.00
Biggest £1,095.00
Grand £1,495.00

What if something happens to my ring that isn’t included in the membership?

The services above include everything that we would typically recommend in the normal lifecycle of your modern heirloom. We recommend your jewellery has a yearly service. If you have an issue that is not included in your Aftercare membership, please get in touch with our Concierge team. We can offer a wide range of ad-hoc other services for a minimal fee. Please note though that the Aftercare membership excludes loss, theft as well as damage caused by the wearer (e.g. if ring is twisted, knocked or dropped)

Is there a minimum spend to qualify for the Aftercare membership?

No. Each Fenton customer is eligible for the Aftercare membership! We recommend for each piece you purchase for peace of mind and to care for your ring for generations to come.

What happens if I don’t subscribe to the Aftercare membership, and I have an issue with my ring?

Our Concierge team is always available to provide help on an ad hoc basis. If there is an issue with your ring non-related to any manufacturing flaw, we will charge a quote with you, which will depend on what the issue is. We will always strive to help you as fast as we can but our workshop is busy so we may have to prioritise Aftercare customers and will always keep you in the loop.

Can I checkout now and decide if I want the Aftercare membership at a later date?

Yes. If you decide you’d like the Aftercare membership after the date of your original order, you are able to purchase it through our website. Please note, the date of your Aftercare membership will begin once the Aftercare order has been processed, not from the date of the original ring was purchased. Please get in touch with our Concierge team if any questions!

Does the Aftercare membership include updated information for my insurance company?

Our Authenticity Reports include a condition assessment, which we will update after every service and provide you with a revised copy.

How do I send my ring back to you?

When using any of our aftercare services, please send your ring via Royal Mail recorded delivery or any courier of your choice to Fenton, 53 Duke Street, W1C 2PE London, UK. This address is for customers based in the UK. Please get in touch with our concierge team if you are based overseas. Kindly note that we are not able to refund you for shipping cost incurred to our HQ.
If you are UK based, then once your ring has been cared for by our expert team we will dispatch it back to you via DPD at no cost to you.

For international returns, there will be a minimal cost to cover the return. Please reach out to our Concierge team for more information.