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Why Fenton Launched Solar Diamonds

With Love from Laura

Why Fenton Launched Solar Diamonds

From our roots in colourful fine gemstone rings and jewellery, learn more about why  we embarked on our most ambitious launch to date. 

In October of 2022, we were very excited to introduce Solar Diamonds, lab grown by sunlight, to you. This launch has been our most ambitious product category launch to date since we first opened in 2019.

Since then, we’ve launched a number of new designs, from the Star ring to becoming a fully fledged jeweller with our Earrings, Bracelet and Necklace collection. However, we’ve never launched a whole new product category, let alone a brand new category in the jewellery industry as a whole.

Our Solar Diamond launch has been a creative and exciting time for us as a company and team as a whole as it’s allowed us to revisit our core values and principles as we look ahead into the future.

Why did Fenton launch Solar Diamonds?

Solar Diamond and Gemstone Trilogy rings from Fenton

At Fenton, we have always been and remain committed to these principles:

1. Giving access to high-luxury pieces with customisable designs to a new generation of customers

2. Great value for heirloom quality pieces

3. Creating a new gold standard of responsible production in a murky industry.

The past three years of sharing and building on our love and expertise for coloured fine gemstone jewellery has been amazing. We’ve loved being a part of thousands of your love stories, whether that’s engagements, weddings or special occasions in life.

Nonetheless, we have always kept an eye out on other developing sectors in the jewellery industry to see where we can innovate, in order to fulfil our commitment to our core principles.

We’ve been exploring new sourcing discoveries and scientific advancements, which has let us bring new products and greater choice to our customers, whilst staying true to the principles we described above.

Solar Diamond and Blue Sapphire oval cut Trilogy ring in ring box from Fenton

When we launched in 2019, lab grown diamonds already existed and were available for commercial purchase. However, we had reservations about the energy sources that were used in their production. We do not believe that a diamond grown using fossil fuels can be described as fully eco-friendly or renewable!

In the last year, we’ve been exploring the opportunity to bring a fully sustainable diamond alternative to the market at a price that is genuinely competitive with natural diamonds while offering great value and quality to our customers.

As a result, we are proud to share Solar Diamonds with you.

What are Solar Diamonds?

Fenton Solar Diamond Trilogy, Deco, Trefoil ring styles

This might be the first time you’ve heard of Solar Diamonds. So you might be wondering that they are and how exactly they are created.

Solar Diamonds are diamonds that are grown with the power of solar energy from the natural light of the sun. This means that they are a fully eco-friendly, renewable and a sustainable answer to diamonds.

What’s the difference between Solar Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds?

Solar Diamonds are also chemically identical to natural diamonds with the same level of hardness (Mohs 10) and the same refractive index or brilliance.

That means it’s impossible for even seasoned diamond experts to tell a Solar Diamond and a natural diamond apart with the naked eye.

Our Solar Diamonds are GH/VS quality, which is in line with the standards of our natural accent diamonds.

Learn more about Solar Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds.

Are they the same as lab grown diamonds?

Loose diamond stones still life Fenton

Yes but unlike other lab grown diamonds in the market, we are proud to be offering created diamonds that are completely far from the unsustainable and irresponsible methods that take place in the lab grown diamond industry.

We estimate that less than 5% of lab grown diamonds are grown using clean and renewable sources of energy! We are also one of the first and only jewellers in the world to offer created diamonds that are consciously acknowledging their provenance in this way.

What sizes or carat weights does Fenton offer?

Solar Diamond carat weight size comparison from 0.75cts to 3cts

We are using carat weight as an industry standard to make it easier for our customers to compare our offering directly with other brands if they so choose. 

We will be offering 0.5cts, 0.75cts, 1cts, 1.5cts, 2cts, 2.5cts and 3cts

Whereas coloured gemstones all have different levels of density which can make carat weights a confusing comparable metric, diamond carat weights are easier to compare. We have a small tolerance limit so you might get a little more than the stated carat weight when placing your order but never less!

What will happen to Fenton’s natural diamonds and colourful gemstones?

Fenton Solar Diamond vs Blue Sapphire Gemstone ring comparison

This does not mean our natural diamonds and colourful gemstones are going anywhere! At Fenton, we continue to embrace both natural and Solar Diamonds as well as natural gemstones. Our natural accent diamonds and gemstones will remain responsibly sourced from the country of origin, and are key to the fulfilment of our core principles mentioned above.

We think that as long as brands are responsible in choosing which countries of origin, suppliers and manufacturers they work with, each of them can have a positive place in the jewellery ecosystem.

Fenton’s Solar Diamond launch so far

Since our launch of Solar Diamonds at the end of October, we’ve had customers placing orders even faster than we can grow them!

It feels rewarding to have had such a warm reception from our Fenton community. And we are absolutely thrilled with the early feedback. Our community loves that we’re giving people an option that they feel morally comfortable with while falling within their budget, all without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

Meet our Solar Diamond styles

The Solar Diamond Mayfair

Inspired by the antique Georgian designs of the 18th century, the Solar Diamond Mayfair is Fenton’s modern take on the classic cluster. Your sparkling Solar Diamond is framed by a halo of twelve brilliant round cut stones and sits proudly on wedfit cathedral-tapered shoulders to allow it to fit flush with your wedding band.

The Solar Diamond Trilogy

Proof that three isn't always a crowd, our Solar Diamond Trilogy Ring unites a sparkling Solar Diamond center stone with two surrounding gemstones or diamonds, each set in a secure four single-or double claw setting and complimenting the exquisite sparkle of your Solar Diamond stone.

The Solar Diamond Deco

Our timeless Solar Diamond Deco ring brings the luxurious exuberance of the 1920s Art Deco movement to the 21st century with a Fenton twist. The Solar Diamond Deco style is a favourite for its signature geometric and angular silhouette and bold gemstones or diamonds.

The Solar Diamond Solitaire

Our Solar Diamond Solitaire features one singular centre gemstone unadorned with any extra accent or side gemstones or diamonds. This style places the centre stone as the main focal point of the ring, letting the centre stone shine and sparkle in all its glory.

The Solar Diamond Trefoil

The Solar Diamond Trefoil ring is a delicate twist to our beloved Trilogy ring and a perfect choice for someone looking for a dainty and timeless style. Your glistening Solar Diamond is framed on either side by a trefoil cluster of three 1.8mm round brilliant cut stones, each securely held into place in a claw setting.

Are we launching more Solar Diamond designs?

So what’s up next you ask? A few more of our favourite designs are in the works to launch early next year and we are excited to keep telling the Solar Diamond story, we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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