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How Love Conquered All | Josh & Grace

Fenton Love Stories

How Love Conquered All | Josh & Grace

Josh & Grace were ready for the next chapter of their love story. But unfortunate circumstances with a London jeweller meant they were left without a refund or a ring. Discover how we helped to bring their proposal back on track.

Left In Limbo

We met Josh and Grace in slightly unusual circumstances, to say the least. Josh had recently ordered his engagement ring from a leading London jeweller, which went into sudden liquidation. This meant that Josh was left without a refund, and without a ring.

This is obviously a nightmare situation for any young couple excited to start their shared life together and the whole team at Fenton felt keen that if we could step in and help in some way, we should.

The Unfolding of A Fenton Love Story

We had no way to reach any of these couples but we messaged former employees of the jeweller, which is how we met Andrea. Andrea had been touched by Josh’s story and had gone out of his way to keep Josh posted as the situation unfolded. He gave us Josh’s phone number and we called him on the spot to introduce ourselves and asked if he wanted to come in and meet us.

Josh had already been on an emotional rollercoaster and understandably couldn’t quite believe we were for real when we offered a ring on the house. However, he agreed to come and meet us at our Mayfair showroom, along with his financeé, Grace. They booked an appointment first thing on Monday morning and our founder, Laura insisted on taking the meeting herself.

Laura said, “I think it’s incredibly wrong and everyone’s worst nightmare that you would put your savings towards such an emotional piece only to be strung along, misled and ultimately cheated out of your engagement ring. I wanted to meet Josh and Grace to prove to myself, as much as to them, that there could still be a happy ending here.”

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Josh’s original ring had been an oval diamond solitaire but when they sat down together Grace very much had her own ideas - “I would like a halo!!!”. We discussed the colours she is drawn to and what might suit her best and brought out a selection of Solar Diamonds, Blue Sapphires, Aquamarines and Emeralds ranging from The Trefoil to The Vintage and The Star.

Grace was very drawn to an oval cut and yellow gold which helped us narrow down her selection. Despite thinking she might like ‘a lovely bright green emerald’ she started to favour three rings in particular, a Solar Diamond Star, a Blue Sapphire Trefoil and an Aquamarine Vintage.

It’s always hard to know what a couple might lean towards, both individually and together, especially when they’ve been through a tumultuous experience already, but Josh and Grace clearly had a strong shared sense of the designs and colours they both found beautiful.

Aquamarine Oval cut Star Ring | Fenton

Aquamarine Oval Star 18k Yellow Gold

Having ruled out the Trefoil (a little dark against Grace’s porcelain complexion), the winner emerged at the last minute when our Head of Concierge, Lily, bought in an oval Aquamarine Star in 18k yellow gold. It was the perfect combination of warmth emanating from the yellow gold but also with a touch of sparkle and a bright, clear blue that Josh said reminded him of Grace’s eyes, “They were one of the first things I noticed about you.”

Aquamarine Oval Star Ring in 18k Yellow Gold | Fenton

Grace was pleased with the wedfit design. As a nurse, she can only wear her band at work. She preferred a straight band over a curved style but was touchingly most convinced because she felt it was the perfect visual ode to her placeholder ring, a beautiful amethyst set with a halo of diamonds that is over 100 years old and had belonged to Josh’s great-grandmother.

A New Beginning

All of us were feeling rather overwhelmed when we saw Grace and Josh’s forever ring on her finger. It was the perfect end to the search for a ring to symbolise their new beginnings together. Grace walked out of our showroom with the ring on her hand. Then, they went straight to the roof of Selfridges to toast each other with a well-deserved glass of champagne.

Without naming names, there were certainly a few amongst us who shed a tear and felt proud to have played a small part in keeping their love story alive.

Josh kindly wrote to us afterwards saying, “Grace and I are incredibly grateful to the team at Fenton who helped us find a ring that we can cherish forever. We're so happy to have met Laura and the team and that they were kind enough to help us out in a bad situation. It is a gesture we will always remember.”

Josh and Grace, on behalf of the entire team at Fenton we wish you a wonderful journey into married life together. Thank you for reminding us all why we love what we do so much.

With Love,

Team Fenton x

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