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Celebrate the unique beauty of Zambian Emeralds with our exclusive Gemfields collection

Celebrate the unique beauty of Zambian Emeralds with our exclusive Gemfields collection

In honour of this month’s birthstone, Fenton are delighted to give you a line of eco-conscious Emerald fine jewellery from the renowned responsible gemstone miner, Gemfields. Launching this May, the collection is designed to celebrate these gorgeous stones’ distinctive characteristics and individuality, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

Crafted with a commitment to sustainable sourcing, this exclusive capsule collection boasts breathtaking one-of-a-kind Emerald rings, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is available at an unrivalled price point, upholding the highest of ethical standards that are central to our values.

Responsibly sourcing these exquisite Emeralds

How we do our best for our customers, our teams and our planet

In an industry known for unclear markups and questionable sourcing practices that result in conflict, environmental issues and inflated consumer prices, responsible sourcing has never been more important. 

At Fenton, we’re proud to be one of the few jewellers in the world to have a B Corp status. Being B Corp means we are committed to meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. This led us to establish ourselves as industry disruptors and co-exist in spaces with like-minded brands such as Gemfields.

Gemfields is a world leader in responsibly mined coloured gemstones. They work hard to minimise the environmental impact of mining, building lasting livelihoods for their communities and provoking positive change across the coloured gemstone industry. Thanks to Gemfields we were able to go directly to source in Zambia and cut out unnecessary middlemen costs to offer this stunning collection at an exceptional price point. 

With a shared ethos of doing our best for our customers, our teams and our planet, the Gemfield Foundation charity also makes sure that a portion of the profits from this collection go to African communities and conservation initiatives. Embrace the beauty of these Emeralds and know that your purchase contributes to a greater good. 

The rich history of Emeralds

Loved by royalty throughout the ages, Emeralds have a history as rich as their luscious green hue. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is perhaps the most famous historical figure to cherish these gems, owning all the Emerald mines in Egypt during her reign and adorning herself in their finery. She was known to present Emeralds carved in her likeness to her most favoured subjects, as a symbol of her prestige and power.

The popularity of Emeralds continued into the courts of the Mughal Emperors, who saw a reflection of paradise in their vibrant green tones. Early Christians, too, found profound symbolism in Emeralds, believing them to signify the resurrection of Christ and the virtue of hope. The romantic connotations Emeralds have today stem from the ancient Roman and Greek beliefs that this was the gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of harmony, hope and love.

On Wallis Simpson's Emerald engagement ring, former king Edward VIII engraved the words “We are ours now” as a sentiment to their devoted love for one another. In more recent times, Princess Eugenie stunned in an Emerald and Diamond tiara on her wedding day in 2018, upholding the tradition of Emeralds as a romantic gemstone.

With such regal significance, it is no wonder why Emeralds are treasured today, and with gem-quality Emeralds being rarer than diamonds, this limited-edition collection is made all the more special. Perfect for a romantic gesture or self-gift, get in touch with our expert team of gemmologists to find which stunning piece is right for you.

Emeralds as unique as you are

We love celebrating the unique characteristics of gemstones and the Emeralds in this collection are no different. In fact, the Emerald is the only gemstone to hold the prestige of having a cut named after it.

The emerald cut was formed in the 16th century to showcase the natural beauty of Emeralds. The step-cut design with its long lines helped to reduce stress on the gemstone, making it sparkle brilliantly. Nowadays, the emerald cut is loved for all gemstones and acts as a legacy for the beloved Emerald.

Naturally formed under the earth over millions of years, no Emerald is alike. Wispy feather-like imperfections, called inclusions are natural characteristics that occur as part of the crystallisation process. We like to think of inclusions as fingerprints, in that each Emerald will have its own special set, showing your precious gem's individuality and charm.

Unrivalled Value

How we give you quality Emeralds at an exceptional price point

We’re delighted to offer all six of these unique Gemfields pieces at a fantastic price. The way we do it at Fenton is go as close to the source as possible, typically sourcing our gemstones from dealers specialising in particular countries of origin. However, in this collaboration, we have gone even further up the funnel to source a limited batch of these exquisite gems from the miners at Gemfields themselves.

Following our ethos of transparency and our mission to always give our best to our customers,  we are able to price these Emeralds at an even lower rate than our standard collection. With a limited selection available, these Zambain Emeralds are made all the more special as Gemfields typically don’t source to independent retailers. Since these pieces completely one-of-a-kind, once their gone their gone. Get in touch now to discover these precious gems and indulge in their beauty and rich history.

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