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6 Men’s Engagement Rings Ideas from Fenton


6 Men’s Engagement Rings Ideas from Fenton

Discover classic engagement ring styles for men, handcrafted in Platinum and 18k recycled yellow, white and rose gold. 

Words by Angeli | 3 min read

An engagement ring is a unique symbol to mark a special milestone in your relationship and lives. Tradition dictates that men should front the cost of the ring, execute an elaborate romantic gesture and to get down on one knee with an engagement ring worth 3 months of his salary, with the woman wearing the ring as a token of ownership.

However, in recent years, we’ve seen a shift in this tradition in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, an indication that we’re moving toward modern times where people are dictating what their love story should look like.

We think that love shouldn’t be held to these antiquated standards. At Fenton, we exist to celebrate love. ALL LOVE. Love should be about you! Whether you’re planning to pop the question to your partner or looking for some engagement ring inspiration, we’ve got just the thing!

Traditionally, there haven't been many ring styles for men that are suitable as an engagement ring style. Some can be quite indistinguishable from classic wedding band styles. But, nowadays, you can find a great range of styles!

Which finger does a male engagement ring go on?

Man proposing to partner with male engagement ring

Traditionally, the engagement ring and wedding band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, or the ring finger, which is where most men choose to wear their engagement ring.

This tradition stemmed from the ancient Romans who (inaccurately) believed there was a vein that ran directly through the heart, the Vena Amoris, which translates to the ‘vein of love’. While this has been disproved since, the tradition has continued on to this day.

Of course, there are no real rules set in stone, so wear your engagement ring symbol however you want!

Who buys the men’s engagement ring?

In most cultures, there are two prominent practices. Either the person who plans to propose should buy their partner’s engagement ring, or the couple can both choose the ring together and share the bill!

The Best Men’s Engagement Rings for 2022

Men's engagement rings from Fenton

Discover our stunning collection of men's engagement ring styles from £850. Crafted with your choice of gemstones or GH/VS diamonds and 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold.

The Signet

Emerald 18k Gold Signet from Fenton | Men's engagement rings

We absolutely love The Signet for its masculine silhouette! The Fenton Signet takes its inspiration from the great jewellery houses of the 1920’s who, at a time when individuality had broken free, set colourful signets with faceted precious stones worn by both men and women.

Your gemstone sits slightly proud above a stepped bezel setting in your choice of 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold. The shoulders also taper outwards toward the centre, with a rounded shank for maximum comfort. Loved for decades, The Signet is a style that can really stand the test of time, making it the perfect male engagement ring.


The Flat band

Platinum Flat band from Fenton | Men's engagement rings

If you’re looking for a more understated look, the Flat band is just the perfect thing. The flat, polished surface and square sides of this design give a sophisticated, modern look as an engagement ring.

Customise the Flat band with your choice of 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold. The Flat band is also available in multiple widths of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.


The Bezel

Garnet 18k Yellow Gold Ring from Fenton | Men's engagement ring

The Bezel ring is where minimalism meets modernism! The Bezel is a modern take on the classic Solitaire ring, which frames your gemstone in a secure, bezel-set setting. This style also really gives the focal point to your striking centre stone.

In a nod to the classic prong settings of ceremonial rings, open metalwork details are crafted in your choice of 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold, giving The Bezel its unique Fenton twist.


The Single Stone band

Blue Sapphire Single Stone Platinum band | Engagement rings for men

The Single Stone band adds a sparkling twist to the classic rounded band with a round cut centre gemstone. The Single Stone has been our most popular choice for a men’s engagement ring style, loved for its understated look with a touch of sparkle and colour!

The Single Stone is a stunning style that emulates a masculine aesthetic while having a unique twist. Customise your centre gemstone, such as Emerald, Diamond, Sapphires or more and your choice of 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold from £875.


The Three Stone band

Emerald and Diamond Platinum band | Engagement Rings for men

If you love the Single Stone band, you’ll absolutely love the Three Stone band. The Three Stone band is a twist on the Flat band with three touches of sparkle! Customise this band with your choice of coloured gemstones and GH/VS diamonds or three diamond stones.

We love the Three Stone band as a contemporary men’s engagement ring with a unique colourful Fenton touch. Choose yours in your choice of gemstone or diamonds and 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold.


The Milgrain

Milgrain and Platinum band | Engagement rings for men

The Milgrain is the perfect ring if you want a classic band style with a touch of unique detail. Milgrain is a jewellery detailing technique where small metal beads are added to create an ornate border, with the style becoming the most popular during the 1930s Art Deco era.

The Milgrain is a vintage style that stands the test of time, making it the perfect modern heirloom piece to treasure forever. Customise the Milgrain with your choice of 950 solid Platinum or 18k recycled gold.


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Try On Your Favourite Styles

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