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Our FAQs are in place to ensure you receive only the best service, product and answers to your questions. We aim to cover questions on each aspect of our product, service and Aftercare offering. Please click through to each section of our FAQs and reach out to our Concierge team for any further questions and clarification.

please find below our FAQs on Jewellery, gemstones, solar diamonds, natural diamonds and our bespoke process.

General Jewellery

Why do you use 18K gold in your fine jewellery pieces and not, for example, 14K?

We use 18K gold as we find it to be the best balance between purity and durability. 18K gold consists of 750 parts out of 1000 pure gold, and the remaining 250 parts consist of other metal alloys such as copper or nickel, depending on the gold colour. This allows us to ensure your Fenton piece is of the highest quality whilst remaining durable for life-long wear.

Do the Pendant Necklace styles come with the chain? And can I buy the Pendant Necklace styles without a chain?

All of our Necklace and Pendants styles include a solid chain made from you choice of recycled 18k gold. If you are looking for a Pendant style without a chain, please contact the concierge team who will be able to work on a bespoke commission for you.

Is the chain of your necklaces hallmarked?

Yes, all our chains are hallmarked.

Can I choose my necklace chain style and length?

All our Necklace and Pendant styles include a solid 18k gold chain measuring 18 inches with a catch loop to adjust the length to 16 inches if needed. If you are however looking for either a longer or shorter chain length, please contact our concierge team who will be happy to assist you.

Is your gold recycled?

Yes, our gold is recycled.

What are renderings?

Renderings are computer assisted designs used to give an idea of how a piece will look once crafted. We use renderings across our website, along with images of real life pieces we have crafted.

It's very important to note however that renderings are used only as a guide, and may not be colour-matched to the real gemstones nor will they include inclusions in gemstones. Please do not take renderings as an exact example of the final piece and reach out to our team if you have further questions.

Why do you use dimensions for gemstones instead of carat weight?

All gemstones are cut by hand, and therefore whilst one stone may have the same length and width as the next, they will likely be different depths, leading to different carat weights.

Gemstones also have different densities, so a sapphire with the exact same shape, cut and dimensions as an emerald will not have the same carat weight.

How do I know the origin of my gemstone?

We have very strict sourcing parameters with regards to country of origin, and as a result we issue in-house certificates for all rings with a 5mm gemstone and larger stating the country of origin of your gemstone as well.

Can I buy a pendant without chain?

No, all of our pendants come with their chain.

Are you necklace chains hallmarked?

Our chains are stamped and our pendants are hallmarked.

What does wed-fit mean?

Wed-fit is a style aspect for rings meaning they are set a little higher on the finger to allow for a wedding band to fit flush underneath it.

Do you have matching wedding bands to your engagement rings?

We do have some pieces that match very well, for example the Floral ring and the Laurel band. If however you can't see your perfect pair, please reach out to our team and they help you design your own bespoke piece!


What quality are your gemstones?

We do not label our gemstones with particular quality gradings, as these grading are not standardised across the industry and mean different things to different professionals.

Each of our gemstones follow slightly different quality parameters, as each gemstone is beautifully and inherently different to the next.

When grading gemstones on lab reports, gemmologists the colour of the gemstone, e.g. Mid Blue, and the clarity, e.g. Eye Clean.

Below are some grading terms and their meanings:

Eye Clean:

No inclusions visible to the unaided eye from a 10cm distance.

Loupe Clean:

No large inclusions visible when looking through a loupe of 10x magnification.

Slightly included:

Some inclusions visible when viewing the stone form any distance.


A large number of inclusions visible from any distance.

Light Oiling:

Specifically for emeralds, this is normal and we use organic cedarwood oil in our emeralds.


Mostly used for sapphires, this is also normal. We do not use any other chemicals when heating sapphires, and it is a stable treatment, meaning it cannot change in appearance again over time.

What Gemstone Treatments do you accept

Fenton only works with natural coloured gemstones that are treated in a way which follows the highest jewellery and gemstone industry standards.

Our sapphires will typically be heat treated, which improves the colour intensity of a gemstone as well as some inclusions. This does not include other chemicals and will not change in appearance over time.

Our emeralds may have oiling, to enhance their clarity. We use colourless, organic cedarwood oil. This does not negatively affect the gemstone over time, but occasionally emeralds may need reoiling to restore them to the original glory. This is something we offer as part of our Aftercare Membership.

What quality are your diamonds?

Our standard quality Solar Diamond is G/H colour and VS clarity. We can source higher upon request and at a premium.

Our naturally mined diamonds are available on our website in a number of different colour and clarity gradings, however we do vet country of origin for naturally mined diamonds and therefore limiting the number of diamonds on offer.

Why don't you use AAA grading for emeralds?

Because this is a subjective label and is not standardised across the industry, meaning different things to different industry professionals.

We prefer to do things properly and professionally by being transparent about the true quality grading of your stone.

What are inclusions?

Inclusions are the historic and geological remnants of what happens in the ground when a gemstone is being grown. They are visible bits inside of gemstones, often mistaken for "blemishes", "cracks" or "marks".

We love inclusions, as they tell the story of your gemstone are perfectly unique to the stone you have.

Different gemstones will display different types of inclusions, for example, emeralds will show more than most other gemstones in the form of whispy feathers, small metallic crystals or small surface reaching fractures rising up from inside the gemstone.

Blue sapphires may display "fingerprints" or light colour zoning (a slight different in colour intensity in the stone).

Emerald cuts are typically the most visible cuts in which to see inclusions, as the way they are cut means they do not hide anything.

Please reach out to our team of gemmologists should you have further questions.

Which gemstones are better for daily wear?

This depends on your lifestyle. If you are very hands-on day to day, then we'd suggest a sapphire or Solar Diamond.

If you choose an emerald, then please be aware of the care guidance we offer to ensure your gemstone is perfectly safe and cared for for years to come!

Kindly note that it is normal for gemstones to gather small scratches or abrasions over time. These can typically be polished out, but so long as they are not threatening the structural integrity of the gemstone, then do try to view this as a sign that your piece is well-loved.

How can two of the same gemstone look different?

Gemstone crystals are all unique in the way they grow. For examples, two different blue sapphires share the same chemical identity, however depending on where they grow, they may have different concentrations of chemicals which make them blue. These different concentrations will result in one stone being lighter, the other darker, and a completely unique distribution on inclusions inside each.

Can aquamarines lose colour over time?

Generally-speaking, no. Our Aquamarines may change in appearance over time only due to dirt which can build up on top of and behind the gemstone, consisting of soap or moisturiser for example, which will give the stone a "cloudy" look and reduce the clarity and sparkle.

For aquamarines, the best way to clean them is to soak them in some luke-warm soapy water to soften the dirt, then gently scrub with a toothbrush (we recommend either a child's toothbrush or one made from bamboo as the bristles are softer).

Solar Diamonds

what are solar diamonds?

Solar Diamonds are created in a laboratory setting, using either intense pressure or heat to grow the Diamond. The Key difference is that most of the world's lab-grown diamonds are grown using fossil fuels. With Solar Diamonds you can be assured that your Diamond was grown using only renewable energy sources.

For further information, please read this guide.

Are they the same as other diamonds?

Yes. Solar Diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds in chemical composition and crystal structure.

How do I know the difference?

Even trained professionals cannot tell the difference between Solar and Naturally Mined Diamonds just by looking, as it takes hefty scientific testing to determine which is which.

Helpfully, all of our Solar Diamonds and Naturally Mined Diamonds have a laser inscription on the girdle (side) of the diamond, which relates to a gemmological certificate accompanying your diamond, and which states the growth origin of your diamond.

Naturally Mined Diamonds

Can you provide me with the Kimberley Certificate for my diamond?

Kimberley Certificates do not accompany the individual diamonds.
The United Nations Kimberley Process includes a list of warranties that cover the diamond journey from rough form, through to tracing the origin in the cutting stage.
Each supplier must guarantee to their clients that their diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process by stating the Kimberley Statement on their invoices.
It is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure the diamonds they source are from reputable suppliers who can prove they follow the Kimberley Process.

Which natural diamond certification do you provide?

Following best practice of all luxury retailers, GIA, IGI and HRD all accepted in the diamond and fine jewellery industry.

Can I return my Naturally Mined Diamond Jewellery?

Our returns window varies depending on the value of the piece purchased.

- Orders of £10k and under → 30 days refund window.
- Orders above £10k → 15 days refund window.
- The ring must be unworn, the diamond must be checked for the inscription under the microscope before refund is approved.
- The ring must be back in hand within the 15 or 30 days, and will not be accepted if the process is only initiated within the 15 or 30 days.
- Refunds will not be issued to diamond jewellery without accompanying certificates.
- Bespoke, resized and worn items will not be eligible for exchange.

Do you stock natural diamond rings?

All our products are made to order with an average lead time of 4-6 weeks, apart from a selection of bestsellers that we keep in our Treasure Box for customers who would like to see pieces in person or who have an urgent deadline.
These pieces are available for purchase but please note volume is limited.
Our quality standards are the same across every piece we make.

Can I select my natural diamond the same way I can select my Solar Diamond?

You can choose any natural diamond from our selection of available options.
Please be aware that we have further stock should you not find anything suitable to your needs.
Please also visit our Bespoke page for further information and inspiration.

Why is your returns window different from Solar Diamonds and gemstones?

Our diamond suppliers offer different terms to our Solar Diamond and gemstone suppliers. Our returns policy is standard across the UK diamond jewellery market.

Do you source coloured natural diamonds?

We are always happy to look into this as a Bespoke piece for you, however it is worth noting that coloured natural diamonds are rare, especially from our list of approved countries, and there is typically a large premium.

Do you source coloured Solar Diamonds?

We are always happy to look into this as a bespoke piece for you, however it is worth noting that the technology to create coloured Solar Diamonds cannot yet guarantee consistent sizes, colours and qualities and therefore sourcing will depend on what is available on the market at the time.

Can I have Solar Diamond accents with a natural diamond centre stone?

Yes, this will be a bespoke piece.

If I choose Solar Diamonds accents will my ring be cheaper?

There may be a small price difference between Solar Diamond and natural diamond accents, however please note the craftsmanship remains the level of quality and attention to detail for both so this will be design-dependent.

I can see the same diamond quality on another website but it is cheaper. Why are you more expensive and can you match the price?

Please do send us the information you are seeing elsewhere so we are able to compare like for like.
We craft our pieces in ateliers in India and Thailand with a rich history of jewellery production, and they are not mass-produced in countries like China as are a number of our competitors.
Each piece of jewellery is hand-assembled and therefore the craftsmanship and attention to detail allows us to stand out among our competition, as we care about the quality of the whole piece vs just the stone alone.

Do you offer discounts on your Solar or natural diamond products?

As a direct-to-consumer brand, we are able to offer you the most competitive prices all year round. We do not typically offer discounts as we are able to cut out the middlemen and the multiple accompanying unnecessary mark-ups.
We also offer two interest-free finance options to help you spread the cost of your Fenton piece across a number of months of your choice. Please see here for further information on our Finance Options.

I have known about Fenton for a number of years and you have not offered natural diamonds. Why now?

A great question. As a brand that offers responsibly-sourced gemstones, we have been searching for the best way forward to offer natural diamonds that reflect our brand values, which we have now found. We will continue our efforts to source responsibly as we feel it to be an incredibly important aspect of the industry we are in.

How do I know that your diamonds are the quality stated online?

Each diamond is accompanied by a certificate (GIA, HRD, IGI) and typically with an inscription of the certificate number on the girdle (side) of the diamond. These certificates are provided to you for reference and to allow you to correctly insure your Fenton piece.
Please note that certificates are typically only issued for diamonds of approx. 0.30ct and above as industry standards, and therefore will not be provided for accent diamonds that are smaller than this.

Can I have the cost breakdown of a blue sapphire ring, for the stone and setting?

Our coloured gemstone and Solar Diamond pieces are sold as a whole, and we therefore do not offer a price breakdown.
Our settings costs will fluctuate depending on metal prices, currency exchange rates, our partner relationships, the geography of the setting and the complexity of the centre stone in question. We do not sell individual settings without a centre stone unless as an exception and usually only as part of an aftercare service. Our setting prices have been calculated with an assumption that they will be paired with a centre stone and as always, we aim to provide quality and value above the wider UK market.
Our setting and accent stone dimensions will also differ between diamond and gemstone sizes so it is not possible to compare these directly.

Other retailers offer the breakdown of the diamond and the setting, why doesn’t Fenton?

We price our diamonds consistently with our competitors, however we believe in offering only the best customer experience when purchasing such a valuable piece. Shopping for a naturally mined diamond can be an overwhelming experience, with many options to choose from. Whilst we endeavour to offer every option possible, we also strive to make your experience with us as smooth and comprehensive as we can.

Can I have the breakdown of the diamond?

Certainly, please reach out to our Concierge team with the certificate number of the diamond in question and they would be happy to provide this information.

If I find a diamond I like, can I purchase it without the setting?

No, we do not sell loose gemstones, only finished articles.

Can you source fancy-shaped diamonds?

As part of our Bespoke offering, we can certainly look into and quote you for a fancy-shape diamond piece. We have our own team based in India unlike many other retailers, and we therefore do not show fancy shapes available on the website. Please get in touch with your request should you wish to discuss the bespoke route.

Can I request triple EX and my own percentage ratios for the diamond?

To the unaided eye, most of these diamond attributes are not visible. You can view these details on each diamond offered on our website, however we are unable to cut or source a specific percentage request as this is done by diamond cutters at source who decide the faceting and angles based on the rough crystal itself.

Why are natural diamonds more expensive than Solar Diamonds?

Solar Diamonds are created in a lab using solar power, and are therefore not reliant on the geology of natural diamonds, nor the immense expense of natural mining, cutting and import / export. These factors all contribute to the price difference between the two gemstones. The price difference is not to do with the quality or stability of the two types of diamond, which are both chemically identical.

Can I view multiple loose diamonds at once to choose from?

This is not something we typically offer as the 4 C’s listed on the website are enough to understand the quality of a gemstone.
However, our team are happy to arrange a viewing of 2-3 diamond options within your specifications for you to view.
Please note that we will only keep stock on hold for a maximum of 7 days, so once our team has received the options for you to view, you will be able to come in any time within those 7 days before the diamonds are returned to the supplier.
Should you choose a diamond from the sourced selection, your diamond becomes non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Can you tell the difference between a Solar Diamond and a natural diamond?

No, Solar Diamonds and natural diamonds are chemically identical meaning they display the same brilliance, hardness, lustre and general sparkle as each other. Most trained gemmologist cannot tell the difference merely by looking at the diamonds even under magnification, and require specialist technology to confirm the true provenance.

Can I view my diamond before purchasing?

As a direct to consumer brand, we source our gemstones directly from suppliers further down the supply chain. To allow our prices to remain competitive, we do not carry a large volume of in-stock pieces and so we do not typically have multiple diamonds of the same carat, shape, colour and clarity to compare.

Can I view my ring before purchasing?

As we are a direct to consumer brand almost all of our pieces are Made to Order. This means that once you have created your perfect piece on our customiser, we then go and source your specific gemstone and craft your piece around your specific gemstone. This means we keep the surprise until the big day when you collect or receive delivery!
As a reminder, for all standard Made to Order pieces you have a returns window, please see here for your specific terms and conditions.

Can I set my own diamond in one of your styles?

We do not set gemstones we have not sourced ourselves.

How do I know I’m receiving the diamond I purchased?

All of our naturally mined and Solar diamonds have a laser inscription on the girdle of the stone that allows us to correctly identify the individual diamond.

Are the diamonds on your website the only ones i can purchase?

No, if you would like something you can't see on our website please get in touch and we will discuss your options.

Why are some of your diamonds non-refundable and non-exchangeable?

Some of our suppliers may provide better value but will not appear on our website as they are hand-picked by our team.
We are able to show images of these diamonds after a deposit has been paid and as a result, we have stricter policies on these diamonds.

Bespoke Commissions

Can I design a Bespoke ring with Fenton?

Yes absolutely. We love hearing about your bespoke ideas and always hope to be able to bring these to life with our customers.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. As the ring will be created just to your own liking and expectations, we will need to ask for a refundable deposit in advance.

We will then create the rendering for you to approve, and once approved we then take the remaining amount of the payment, at which point your piece becomes non-refundable, and we begin crafting your special design.
For any bespoke piece under £2,000, we require the full payment up front, upon receipt of which we will create the rendering for you to approve. Your payment remains refundable until the rendering has been approved and we move on to the manufacture stage, at which point it becomes non-refundable.

Please note: All of our bespoke pieces are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

How does the Bespoke process work?

  1. Request an appointment with our concierge team who will be able to discuss both the elements and the requirements which will make up your unique design.  Request an appointment with our concierge team, who will discuss your ideas with you and advise on feasibility of your design. This can be done via an in-person consultation, a virtual appointment, or any of our other contact methods such as WhatsApp. 
  2. If you have a particular budget to work with, then we will be able to advise on such things as gemstone size, the amount of accent diamonds (if any), and overall design as well to ensure we can work to your given budget. Please note that whilst we are committed to working with any given budget, we are only able to use 18k gold or platinum and natural gemstones. We are unable to work with sterling silver/synthetic gemstones or glass. 
  3. Once we have an idea of your perfect bespoke piece, we will be able to provide a first costing for you to approve. If approved, then at this point we take either the full payment if your piece is below £2,000 (which remains refundable until the rendering has been approved and we move onto the manufacture stage), or a refundable deposit of 50% to begin creating your unique design computer rendering.
  4. Once you are happy with the design, we will then take the remaining amount due, at which point your piece becomes non-refundable, and we begin sourcing your gemstone and crafting your forever piece!
  5. The concierge team will keep you updated throughout the process every step of the way and you should receive frequent updates
  6. Your bespoke design will be shipped to you discreetly and insured and wrapped in our beautiful Fenton packaging.

How much does a bespoke design cost?

This can vary depending on style, size and gemstone choice. However, we remain true to our brand promise to deliver honest prices to our customers whilst sourcing best quality products. We are also more than happy to aim to work within a particular given budget.

Can you source a specific gemstone or gemstone colour for me?

Of course we can. Please let our concierge team know if you have a specific gemstone in mind and we would love to see if we can help you. Even if you are after a gemstone that is not part of our usual 7 stone choices (Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, Yellow Sapphire, Pink Sapphire and Aquamarine), we would love to help you source it and bring your design to life. Please note that specific gemstones shades will make your order non-refundable (while remaining exchangeable).

How long does the process take?

The process is very much dependent on the intecracy of your final design and gemstone choice (and how easy this is to source for us), but typically we hope to be able to work in a 6-8 week lead-time.

Can I return my bespoke piece?

All our bespoke pieces are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Throughout the bespoke process, we will ensure you are happy with the gemstone, the design, the pricing and the lead time, and we will be clear about when your bespoke piece becomes non-refundable, so there are no surprises!

Are there any limits of what I can design with you?

We love customers who use their imagination when thinking of your bespoke design. However, we do need to ensure that requests are not direct copies of another jeweller’s design. We are happy to work with the customer to create something similar, but we will add our Fenton twist to ensure it is authentically Fenton.

Do you just make bespoke rings? Or can I also design other pieces of jewellery with you?

Whilst we specialise in rings at Fenton, we can help you with other pieces of jewellery too. If you are looking for a matching pair of Blue Sapphire studs for your Vintage ring or a Ruby pendant to compliment your Ruby ring, these are all designs we have helped customers in the past with already.

Can I make something bespoke out of something I already have?

At Fenton, we are only able to work with gemstones and diamonds we have sourced ourselves, and precious metal that we know is not only recycled, but up to the quality standards that we must adhere to. We are unable to rework existing jewellery, or set gemstones that we have not sourced ourselves.

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