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Diamonds Grown By Sunlight

  • Exact same brilliance, appearance and hardness as natural diamonds.

  • Ethically produced with 100% renewable energy.

  • 2-4x less expensive than natural diamonds for the same carat weight.

Solar Diamond FAQs

What are Solar Diamonds? 

Solar diamonds are lab-grown diamonds that are grown using the natural light of the sun. They are fully eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable and are chemically identical to natural diamonds with the same level of hardness (MoH 10) and the same refractive index or brilliance.

How are Solar Diamonds different from regular lab grown diamonds?

Solar Diamonds and lab grown diamonds are both created in a laboratory setting using either intense pressure or intense heat to create a diamond in a matter of days and months, rather than over years and years.

The key difference is that whilst most lab diamonds do not necessarily disclose the source of energy they use, with Solar Diamonds you can be assured that your diamond was grown using only fully sustainable and renewable energy sources.

We believe that lab-grown diamonds from a preferred provenance and limited supply, such as Solar Diamonds, will prove a better source of retained value than the majority of lab grown diamonds in years to come.

How do Solar Diamonds compare to natural diamonds or gemstones?

Apart from their provenance, Solar Diamonds are identical to natural diamonds to the naked eye.

Unlike natural gemstones and diamonds, Solar Diamonds are created using a scientific process under laboratory conditions that is powered by solar energy and sunlight rather than being mined from the earth.

This has various different advantages and disadvantages in terms of responsible sourcing. Whilst Solar Diamonds have no carbon footprint and do not disturb the environment, they also do not create the same local beneficiation that natural gemstones and diamonds do in the communities that make a living from sourcing them.

At Fenton we will continue to offer responsibly sourced natural gemstones and diamonds that meet our rigorous standards for ethical production. We recognise that there is a place for both man-made and natural jewels in the industry as we look forward and are committed to bringing customers the best within each category so they can make informed and conscientious decisions.

Are Solar Diamonds as strong as natural diamonds?

Yes, a Solar Diamond has identical chemical properties and characteristics to a natural diamond and will last with the same durability over time.

Why GH VS quality?

We have always used GH VS quality diamonds in line with other luxury jewellery houses as it’s the best combination C’s to have a beautiful, colourless diamond with no visible inclusions that still gives good value for money rather than spending part of your budget on quality factors that will never be seen with the naked eye.

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