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Everything you need to know about Solar Diamonds®


Everything you need to know about Solar Diamonds®

Introducing a brilliant innovation that's as sustainable as it is stunning: Solar Diamonds, lab grown by sunlight. At Fenton, we're proud to lead the way in revolutionising the jewellery industry with our commitment to environmental responsibility. In this blog, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Solar Diamonds, exploring how they're created, their quality and wallet-friendly benefits, and why they're quickly becoming the ethical choice for conscious consumers. Join us as we shine a light on the future of luxury jewellery.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for an engagement ring and have been for decades thanks to the marketing efforts of De Beers back in the 1940s. 

The phrase ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is a well-known slogan written by a young copywriter, Frances Gerety, in 1947 that is still used to this day. The hugely successful marketing campaign played on the fact diamonds are the strongest precious gemstone and that buying a diamond ring for your partner would symbolise eternal love. Simple and effective. 

Since then, engagement rings have pretty much been synonymous with diamonds. At Fenton, we've noticed a growing trend of couples opting for colored gemstone rings, embracing their uniqueness and individuality. However, diamonds continue to reign as the top choice due to their timeless appeal, exceptional durability, and overall brilliance.

Historically diamonds have naturally formed over millions of years and needed to be mined from the earth. However, through modern technology, we can now manipulate the conditions needed to form diamonds in a controlled environment.  This has led to the popular new choice of lab grown diamonds. Pretty smart stuff!

Unfortunately, key players in the naturally mined diamond industry are threatened by a loss of profit and are doing everything they can to undermine these technological advancements. Despite this, it looks like lab grown diamonds are here to stay. But as demand grows so do consumer questions surrounding their environmental impact and sustainability claims. 

Luckily, Solar Diamonds are a premium diamond offering that ticks all the boxes for quality, consciousness and value. And if you haven’t considered this option previously, it’s worth learning a little more about the diamond that’s set a gold standard in the jewellery industry. 

What are Solar Diamonds?

Solar diamonds are lab-grown diamonds created using 100% renewable energy. Solar energy, to be exact.

Creating a Solar Diamond requires a controlled laboratory setting that manipulates extreme heat or pressure to crystalise pure carbon to form a real diamond. They’re exclusively made in certified laboratories that can attest that the growing process relies completely on solar energy. 

Each Solar Diamond will also have an ID inscription lasered onto the girdle of the gemstone (only visible with a microscope) that verifies its quality and origin. Our diamonds are supplied from laboratories in conflict-free countries such as India and the US.

How are Solar Diamonds different from naturally mined diamonds?

Technically, they’re exactly the same apart from where they come from. Both Solar Diamonds and naturally mined diamonds are a 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness with the same chemical composition. In fact, you’d need rigorous scientific testing to find out which was formed in the earth or a laboratory. 

However, differences can be found in the environmental impact, where Solar Diamonds make considerably less of a mark. Plus, naturally mined diamond pricing is rigorously controlled by suppliers which means you could find yourself paying up to 4x the amount you would if you’d opted for a Solar Diamond.

Are Solar Diamonds better than other lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds made up around 5% of total diamond sales in 2023. And lab grown diamonds made with 100% renewable solar, hydro or wind energy only account for 5% of lab grown diamonds created. Most of them use energy from fossil fuels.

This means Solar Diamonds are more eco-conscious and exclusive than almost all other lab grown diamonds, but still maintain the same benefits of affordability, quality assurance, durability and brilliance. 

Does a Solar Diamond engagement ring hold its value?

Solar Diamond's renewable energy production makes up less than 5% of lab-grown diamonds. As premium gemstones, they combine the best qualities of naturally mined and lab grown diamonds. However, the resale market is volatile and it can difficult to guarantee exactly what you’d get back.

We know you hopefully won't ever have to consider this as you and your partner tie the knot and live your happily ever after. However, it’s worth noting that even if you did choose a naturally mined diamond ring, you’d find it difficult to fetch a desirable price from jewellers when reselling. This is because as lab grown diamonds have become a staple in the engagement ring industry, naturally mined diamond suppliers are sitting on an excess of stock which means that traditional jewellers are less likely to buy back engagement rings at a like for like cost.

Where can I buy a Solar Diamond engagement ring?

Fenton is the only jeweller that can sell legitimate and certified Solar Diamonds®. Whilst other renewable lab grown diamonds may be available from other jewellers we are the official and exclusive home for a Solar Diamond rings. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the change we want to see in the jewellery and wedding industry, celebrating all love, challenging outdated traditions and making sure we can offer our customers the best the market has to offer. 

Visit our Mayfair showroom to see our rings in person with an expert member of our concierge team that can answer any and all questions you may have. Or explore our website to read more about how Fenton give you only the best engagement rings from £1,250.