Decide the Cut

We offer four different cuts, Round, Oval, Cushion and Emerald.


  • The Round cut is one of the most famous cuts in the world due to it's use in the classic round solitaire.
  • It maximises surface area making it a great choice for those who are looking for an impressive effect. This cut suits all finger shapes and sizes.


  • The Oval cut is known for it's elegance and is extremely complimentary on the hand, especially on those with longer fingers. It is an enduring popular cut in a number of styles ranging from the Solitaire to the Vintage and the Trilogy.


  • The Cushion is a stunning cut that gives a stately effect.
  • It is a square cut with gently rounded corners and is considered a classic cut for engagement rings. We love it in our Vintage style and also as a more unusual alternative to the classic round cut.


  • The Emerald cut is a stunning classic. Unlike the others, it is a step cut, rather than a brilliant cut which gives it a modern vintage Art Deco look.
  • We love the Emerald in our Halo style where it's crisp angles are shown off to great effect. Like the oval, this can be a flattering choice for those with longer fingers.