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Your Ring's Journey

Behind the scenes
of your gemstone

So much love and care goes into creating your jewellery, here is the journey it takes to get to you!

Earth To Heirloom

Earth to Heirloom - Step Behind the Scenes

Step Behind the Scenes as we went on a journey together with filmmaker and activist Alice Aedy to celebrate the journey of gemstones from 'earth to heirloom'



Our Sapphires are ethically sourced from regulated artisanal mines, for instance from Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Each accent diamond we use falls within G-H colour & VS clarity range, sourced through registered sightholders.


Our conflict-free rubies are sourced from Mozambique and Thailand.


The emeralds we source come from world leaders in ethical mining such as Zambia.

Recycled Gold

We only use recycled 18K rose, yellow and white gold. This avoids disturbing the environment through the dangerous methods many use to mine new supplies.


The most durable of precious metals, Platinum is heavier and 20x rarer than gold. We use 950 Platinum with its highly valued bright white colour.

The Quality Scale

You may have heard of the 4 C’s, but unlike diamonds, there is no universal grading system for precious coloured stones. Our gemologists hand-select each gemstone for its unique properties. Here's what we look for...

Carat Weight

Colour should be evenly distributed across the stone. 

We look excellent qualities of:

Hue (the basic colour we see)

Saturation (the intensity of the hue)

Tone (the gem's relative lightness or darkness)

We visually compare each stone against our masterstones, and aim to match the colour of these natural products to the colours you see on our website, as closely as we can.

However, no two humans see colour the same, so beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Gemstones are an individual and unique product of geological creation. As works of nature, all gems will have clarity characteristics which may be visible to the naked eye.

Clarity characteristics can be tiny lines of growth, crystals or needles, which are small elements that were trapped in the stone during its formation. Even the best gemstone in the world will have these. We avoid stones with black or obvious distracting inclusions (inside the stone) or blemishes (on the surface of the stone).

Clarity characteristics are more apparent in Emeralds and Rubies. These lines can be known as ‘silk’ in Rubies and Sapphires. Light shines off the silk in certain ways giving character to the stone. In an Emerald, the intricate patterns made by needles can be referred to as the stone's ‘jardin’.

As well as helping to distinguish your stone from synthetics copies, light inclusions show the unique beauty of your natural jewel.

Choose your favourite cut in any stone. 

The quality of the cut is in the silhouette, symmetry, durability and weight ratio. Our stones are expertly cut to bring out the best colour and brilliance possible.

Weight in gemstones is measured in metric carats, where five carats equal one gram. Generally, as the gem's weight increases, so does the per-carat price.

We have chosen to focus on surface area rather than carat weight as gemstones can vary hugely in their proportions and depth. Providing the size using millimeters gives a more consistent depiction of surface area and value.

At Fenton for our rings we have five stone sizes - Original, Big, Bigger, Biggest and Grand. The exact carat weight will depend on the cut of the stone as well as the surface area.

Please see our size chart for more information

At Fenton we have five stone sizes - Original, Big, Bigger, Biggest and Grand. The exact carat weight will depend on the cut of the stone as well as the surface area.

Please see our size chart for more information