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The Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide | Modern & Traditional presents


The Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide | Modern & Traditional presents

Wedding anniversaries are a special time for a couple to celebrate reaching a special milestone in their marriage and reflecting on the journey which they have been on together. 

Traditionally each year in a marriage is marked by a specific gift or material such as cotton, paper and tin. And for some significant milestones - a Fenton favourite - gemstones! So we’ve put together the perfect wedding anniversary gift guide on how to surprise your partner with the perfect anniversary gift.

2nd Wedding Anniversary - Garnet 

Traditionally the 2nd wedding anniversary was associated with Cotton however modern traditions have associated this milestone with the fiery Garnet. A symbol of love and vitality, the Garnet is the perfect choice to gift your partner.

Consider opting for a band such as our Eternity or Seven Stone which can be added to their wedding stack, or maybe something more statement like a Garnet Halo Ring or Garnet Trilogy Ring.

10th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond

The 10th wedding anniversary has long been associated with the gift of tin or silver, however in recent years this has switched to Diamond. Often we see people adding a new diamond band, such as our Eternity ring or Seven Stone rings, to their wedding stacks to signify their 10th anniversary.

Alternatively, couples sometimes use this milestone as an opportunity to upgrade an existing engagement ring. We think our Trilogy, Vintage and Star rings make for the perfect choice, coupling consciously sourced natural gemstones with sparkling GH V-S accent diamonds.

20th Wedding Anniversary - Emerald

To mark two decades of marriage, people have historically turned to China - however modern guides suggest a glistening green Emerald. We love the idea of choosing an Emerald, said to impart successful love upon its wearer… the perfect choice for an anniversary gift! 

Whether you opt for an Emerald Band or Emerald Ring, they are bound to love it.

25th Wedding Anniversary - Silver 

Traditionally marked by a present of silver - the 25th wedding anniversary gift is often jewellery. At Fenton we recommend checking out our sparkling rings, customised with recycled 18k White Gold or Platinum to get that beautiful white silver colour which we all love. And why not set this with Diamonds and Gemstones for added sparkle! The Garland Ring, Seven Stone Band and Trilogy Ring all make for the perfect choice… or if you’re seeking earrings and a necklace or maybe a bracelet, you can check out our bespoke jewellery page

30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl 

It’s time to add a majestic pearl to your jewellery collection! Pearls are said to represent the hidden beauty of a long-lasting relationship, the perfect gesture to mark 30 years of marriage. For all pearls aren’t part of the standard Fenton jewellery collection, they are absolutely something which we can do for a customer jewellery piece. Explore our bespoke jewellery pieces and discover how the process works. You can then submit an enquiry and one of our expert concierges will be in touch to help you create your perfect pearl jewellery piece - be that earrings, a ring or a necklace.  


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40th Wedding Anniversary - Ruby 

Next up we have the Ruby Wedding Anniversary, marking 40 wonderful years of marriage. As a symbol of passion and commitment, this enamouring red gemstone is sure to get your heart racing! As with other anniversaries - a ring is a perfect choice. Perhaps you’re thinking of a band with accent rubies to complement a wedding stack - or a stand alone piece such as the Vintage ring or the Trilogy ring could be perfect for your partner. 

45th Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire 

A Blue Sapphire is a symbol of truth, hope and harmony - something we all endeavour to have in a marriage, making this perfect talisman and gift for a Sapphire wedding anniversary. Inspired by classic, regal designs explore styles such as The Star ring and The Vintage ring. Or opt for the Trilogy ring design, with three stones said to represent your past present and future.

50th Wedding Anniversary - Gold

Crafted from recycled 18k Gold, a Fenton ring is a wonderful Golden wedding anniversary gift. Whether you want to choose a classic band, a gemstone band or a gemstone ring - every Fenton ring is fully customisable, so you can create something they’re guaranteed to adore!


55th Wedding Anniversary - Emerald

Did you know the Emerald is iconic and has been associated with powerful women across the ages. It has been desired since Cleopatra, who owned the oldest Emerald mines in the world in Egypt, wore them.Steeped in history - this stone is perfect for marking your Emerald Wedding Anniversary. Whether you're looking for understated elegance like the Emerald Trilogy ring or a sparkling statement like the Halo ring design - your ring is fully customisable with your choice of cut, metal and gemstone size. 

60th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond 

For your Diamond wedding anniversary we recommend checking our sparkling ring designs set with brilliant cut and trillion accent diamonds such as the Trilogy, The Vintage and The Halo rings. These pair beautifully with an Aquamarine center stone for a versatile choice or you could draw inspiration from Canary Diamonds with a unique Yellow Sapphire! Alternatively why not check out our Diamonds bands such as the Eternity band, or the Seven Stone band, each crafted from recycled 18k Gold or Platinum and set with conflict free diamonds.

65th Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire 

After 65 years of marriage you deserve a second Sapphire! Maybe this time you want to switch up the piece - for example you could invest in earrings to pair with a ring you already own? Or get creative with the rainbow of colours Sapphires come in. We recommend checking out our collection of Yellow Sapphires and Pink Sapphires. We can also source bespoke colours such as Peach, Purple and Green! 

70th Wedding Anniversary - Platinum

And if you make it this far, investing in Platinum jewellery is a beautiful choice as an anniversary gift. Whether you choose a ring, a band, or something bespoke like earrings, a necklace or bracelet, you can be creative with your choice. Customise your platinum jewellery with sparkling gemstones such as Emeralds, Blue Sapphires and Rubies, or choose something a little more usual with a Spinel or Tourmaline

Now you’re armed with the facts, it's time to create the perfect piece of jewellery which we know they’re going to love. Create your ring here or submit a bespoke enquiry if you’re looking for earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a custom ring.