LGBTQ+ Influencer you should be following in 2021

The people we love to love. Discover our favourites this Pride month.

LGBTQ+ Influencer you should be following in 2021

As Pride month is upon us, it's the perfect time to highlight some of our favourite LGBTQ+ influencers, who we love to love, and we think you should be following in 2021. 

Jessie & Claud

First up one of our favourite couples - Jessie and Claud. They document their lives on both of their Instagram accounts and Jessie’s Youtube channel - including sharing their relationship, day to day lives and highlighting Jessie’s experience living with disabilities. And in just a few weeks they will be becoming mums - we can’t wait for the adorable baby pictures! 

Munroe Bergdorf 

Munroe is a transgender icon, model and activist - having worked on campaigns for brands such as L’Oreal Paris. She is also the founder of @goddessplatform which is a platform for women, non-binary individuals and people who are intersex.  

The Traveling Gays 

Doug and Sanjay bring us along for their adventures. Having met at Manchester Pride in 2009, the couple have travelled the world together, documenting their journey on their Instagram and Youtube channel.  More recently they have been sharing their surrogacy journey and have recently announced the arrival of their first child due in October!! We can’t wait to watch them grow as a family. 

Char Ellesse

Unapologetically herself, Char uses her profile to raise awareness of both LGBTQ+ and racial inequality, alongside sharing her day to day life with her followers. Check out her profile for real, honest content which shines the light on topics which we all need to be discussing more. 

Matt Bernstein

LGBTQ+ Activist and all round icon. Matt’s profile is all about amazing makeup, mashed up with strong messages, challenging political and queer issues. His creative expression is a powerful medium for generating awareness and conversation around a broad range of LGBTQ+ topics.

Rose & Rosie

The power couple you didn’t know your life was missing. Rose and Rosie grew their profiles through a mix of comedy and lifestyle content across their Youtube, Instagrams and most recently their podcast. This has included sharing their journey to conceiving their first child - who will be arriving very soon - get ready for the adorable family pictures!