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Be smart and lock in the price of your jewellery


Be smart and lock in the price of your jewellery

We’re here to make investing in fine jewellery simple and enjoyable!  Introducing our Price Lock Promise!

Whether you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, wedding bands or a gift for yourself, purchasing a special piece of fine jewellery is a big decision and can sometimes be a little daunting. But here at Fenton, we don’t think it should be! 


That’s why we’re introducing our new Price Lock Promise!

Fenton's Price Lock Promise | Woman wearing Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire and Emerald rings from gemstone jeweller Fenton

What is Fenton’s Price Lock Promise?

The Fenton Price Lock Promise is our vow to honour the price shown on our website at the point you get in touch with us! 

That means if you need a few weeks or months to ask questions, book in your concierge appointment or consider your jewellery purchase, the current price of the jewellery you’re interested in is the price you will pay when you’re ready to checkout - valid for up to three months. So with Fenton, you’ll never have to worry about any unexpected surprises along the way! 

If you wish to lock in the price of your dream jewellery, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our concierge team. We’re available via Whatsapp, Email or Phone

Fenton's Price Lock Promise Explained | Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Rings & Earrings in Jewellery Box

Why do I need to worry about jewellery prices increasing? 


It is not uncommon for jewellers to raise their prices. As rare commodities, the cost of gemstones, diamonds, gold and platinum typically increase each year, something which pushes up the cost of producing fine jewellery. Depending on their business model and where they source their products, jewellers often need to answer to significant inflations and more recently disruptions in their supply chains. Following the uncertainty of recent years, this is something front of mind for many in 2022. 

However, we believe this isn’t something which our customers should need to worry about - which is why we introduced our Price Lock Promise! 

Fenton's Price Lock Promise with Pink Sapphire oval cut Star Ring from jeweller Fenton

Extended Summer Returns & Exchanges

We've extended our returns & exchanges policy! We understand that summer can be a busy period, so we've got your back. Place your order between now and mid-July and you'll have until 15th September to return or exchange your piece. Learn more about our extended returns & exchanges policy in our FAQs. 

When shopping with Fenton, our team of expert concierges are here to help you every step of the way. From deciding which gemstone to choose, working out yours or their ring size, to keeping you updated while your jewellery is being crafted - we’re always on hand to assist. 


Fenton's Price Lock Promise | Woman wearing a Blue Sapphire oval cut East West ring from gemstone jeweller Fenton

Create your jewellery

Now all that's left to do is to create your dream jewellery - ready to lock in your price?

Terms & Conditions: The Price Lock Promise excludes any pricing errors on the website at significant difference to original price. Excludes any promotional discounts