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5 Reasons Why We Love Coloured Gemstones Over Diamonds!


5 Reasons Why We Love Coloured Gemstones Over Diamonds!

Unique colours, sentimental meanings and unrivalled value. Discover why the Fenton community is obsessed with gemstones! 

7 minute read | Words by Angeli 

Are gemstones a girl's newest best friend? We think so, and it turns out many of you agree! 

Did you know that over 20% of modern engagement rings now feature a coloured gemstone as the centre stone? It has long been the case that coloured gemstones are a popular choice for marking other important life occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or the arrival of a new baby, however they are now growing in popularity for engagement as well. 

What are the differences between Diamonds and Gemstones? 

All gemstones (including diamonds) are formed in the ground over millions of years as incredible, natural phenomenons. And thanks to the incredible trace elements present during their crystallisation, in different combinations and concentrations, we're blessed with the choice of a rainbow of coloured gemstones.

While Diamonds can also be found in an array of colours from yellow to pink to red, Gemstones can offer the same sparkling hues for a much more affordable price. Think Rubies, Yellow, Pink and Blue Sapphires, Emeralds & Aquamarines.

So why are Diamonds often the default? 


Although sapphires, rubies and emeralds have a far longer standing history, it’s no secret that Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones on the market today. Since big Diamond jewellery houses started campaigning heavily for sparkling centre stones in the mid 1950s, it has been considered ‘normal’ for customers to default to Diamonds as their go-to choice, especially for engagement rings. However, a lot has changed over the last 70 years, with royalty and celebrities alike opting for coloured gemstones, driving an unparalleled resurgence of coloured gemstones as a sophisticated, unique and modern choice! 

Read on to discover the top five reasons our customers love gemstones! 


Better Value 


Often value can also be an important consideration when it comes to investing in jewellery. Despite being one of the most plentiful gemstones, Diamonds come from a very controlled market, with supply limited alongside clever marketing to inflate their price over many decades. While Diamonds are absolutely a stunning gemstone, they are also one of the least affordable, especially if you’re someone who loves the aesthetics of a bigger gemstone! 

Price and Size comparison of Diamond vs Aquamarine gemstone engagement ring from Fenton | 5 reasons why we love gemstones over diamonds

We particularly love Aquamarines, if you’re seeking something which offers subtlety, sparkle and versatility at amazing value from Original all the way to our show stopping Grand size!


“I had set my heart on an Aquamarine emerald cut ring, after seeing Meghan Markle wearing one on her wedding day!  It is exquisite and has exceeded all expectations. Most importantly, the workmanship & value for money is second to none” - Julie


Gemstone Uniqueness & Individuality 


The number one reason we hear from our community as to why they love gemstones is their uniqueness. 

From the rainbow of Sapphires, to the elegant Ruby - formed by nature, each gemstone tells its own complex story, reflecting its formation journey over millions of years.  


“Knowing my girlfriend I knew she wanted a ring that was unique and special, Fenton was perfect for that.” - Lewis 


Fenton founder, Laura says “Most diamonds that are sold end up looking quite similar whereas I love knowing that you couldn’t just pull another coloured stone off the shelf that looks the same as mine”.

Yellow Sapphire oval cut Vintage engagement ring from Fenton worn on hand | 5 reasons why we love Gemstones over Diamonds with Fenton

Fenton gemmologist Susannah FGA expands on this telling us “certain gemstones within the same family can have perfect clarity, whilst others can have incredible inclusions that cause different optical phenomenons, and leave a totally unique fingerprint on each gemstone.”

Emeralds are the perfect example here. Each boasts a unique set of inclusions (such as wispy feathers or mica platelets) owing to their complex crystallisation process. While they are always green in colour, some tend to have yellowish undertones, and others more blue, differing depending on their country of origin and the geological conditions under which they were formed. When looking at two Emeralds you will quickly see the uniqueness and character of each. 

Another key thing here is the rise of individuality. “We’ve moved away from the 1950’s culture of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ to a culture of expressing yourself and being more of an individual” says Laura. We’re seeing more and more people stepping away from the simple solitaire Diamond, and instead choosing bold, colourful gemstones, which truly reflect their personality, relationship or the feeling they’re looking to express. 


So if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd a gemstone could be the perfect choice for you!

“I am absolutely in love with my Fenton ring! I went for a Yellow Sapphire Vintage in platinum and it is more beautiful than I hoped it would be. I would highly recommend Fenton to anyone coveting a unique engagement ring.” - Nicolle


Gemstone Colour 


Following on closely from their uniqueness - is simply the colour! 


At Fenton, our love for gemstones starts with our founder Laura, who grew up with an obsession with colour. “When it comes to gemstones, colour equals complexity. With diamonds, colour can be distilled down to a single letter - D, E, F etc. White or less white with a sense that perfection sits at one end of the scale”.

“Coloured gemstones are almost the opposite. Each of us sees colours differently and there is no one perfect colour. As well as the base colour there’s saturation, hue, dispersal and lustre as a basic starting point. All of these factors affect what we see and the combination of each goes towards making each coloured gemstone feel truly unique.”

Our gemmologists love gemstones for their colour too…

“I love coloured gemstones because of the huge range of colours and optical properties they can have! Even within a single gemstone family, such as corundum (Sapphires and Rubies) and Garnets, you can see the whole spectrum of colours from reds to greens, blues to pinks and oranges, yellows and browns.” Susannah FGA. 

“As opposed to diamonds which are most often about the absence of colour, coloured gemstones are all about the colour! They have such unique personalities and variations from the way they hold colour to the way they’re cut. Coloured gemstones really showcase what mother nature has to offer! I absolutely adore how coloured gemstones are ‘Chemistry in Action’! One change in trace elements can result in a totally different colour”  - Hanna G.G

Loose Aquamarine, Emerald and Sapphire Gemstones on hand from Fenton | 5 reasons why we love Gemstones over Diamonds with Fenton

And our customers adore gemstones for their colour too “[My partner] is super colourful. So the bold Pink Sapphire was a perfect fit for her! She loves it!” - Vita. 


Gemstone Sentimentality 


Sentimentality is another reason we often hear. For example, a parent or grandparent who had a gemstone engagement ring or treasured piece of jewellery, remembered and adored with fond memories.

Still life image of vivid Blue Sapphire oval cut Star ring with a halo of GH/VS diamonds from Fenton | 5 reasons why we love Gemstones over Diamonds with Fenton

“I love when a customer comes with a set gemstone in mind, chosen for sentimental reasons. I recently had a couple come in with their hearts set on a Blue Sapphire, inspired by her grandmother's engagement ring and a wish to continue this tradition. They settled on a stunning oval cut Blue Sapphire Star!” Chloe, Concierge 


Gemstone Meaning 


We also love when customers are guided by the meaning of the gemstones! Said to hold certain powers, which are gifted upon the wearer since ancient civilisations, you can choose a gemstone to aid you in life. For example, a Garnet represents passion, whereas an Aquamarine can be a symbol of fearlessness and protection. 

Laura says, “The symbolic meanings of gemstones feeds into why they have been such a  popular choice through history. It gives you a lot more to play with than diamonds, as you can spell out hidden messages with coloured gemstones and hope to draw powers from the properties that are ascribed to them.”

Chart of gemstone symbolism and birthstones including Aquamarine, Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet and Ruby | 5 reasons why we love Gemstones over Diamonds with Fenton

Will you say YES! to a gemstone? 

From being able to express your personality, to embedding a hidden meaning in your jewellery and being able to size up your gemstone, it is pretty clear gemstones are incredibly special - and shouldn’t be overlooked when investing in fine jewellery. 

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